Very short run but pleased

I was due to run today having done 30 mins on wed but it was so hot and humid and I had been out with the foster children all day in the park so was fairly shattered. I decided to just do a short run but see if I could go faster yes it was only 2.3 k out the village and back but I did it in less than 16 mins so pleased with that and yes it was very hot and the kids thought it very funny how red I was. Any run is better than no run!

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  • Exactly, you set your own goals so if u r pleased with it, brilliant!!

  • Exactly, well done :)

  • I love a short fast run sometimes. It's good to mix it up and please yourself. There is nothing magic about 30 minutes or 5k!

  • Absolutely, nothing wrong with a shorter run! Great pace too!

  • Yes, I often do that kind of distance, it means you can push a bit harder! have you done "Speed" with Laura? That's an interval run of 16 minutes, I use it regularly. If Laura takes you on a run of 16 minutes it must be good no?

  • Too right, it's about fitting it in. I love to run to the childminders after work to get my daughter, and then we walk home together chatting, it's perfect . Well done ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • You might like to try the speed podcast which is 16 minutes of running. Hard work, but a great work out!

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