Been AWOL but I'm back and had a short run today

Haven't run for over 8 weeks, crikey a real mountain to climb to get back to my previous fitness.

So today I had a short run in Auchland NZ, the weather was bright and sunny, I ran up a very pretty hill, all the way to the top, there I saw wonderful views of the Bay and surrounding city. A truly beautiful part of the world. The exercise did me good but it was time to stop and not over do it for my first run since having the worst ever chest infection, topped by over eating and drinking during holiday and Christmas & New Year.

Oh please forgive my bad manners I forgot to wish you all a very Happy New Year and of course happy running.

So I have fingers crossed that my lungs have improved and I will be able to get back to running, sadly not outside just now as the air is too cold. But I hear some of you saying its summer in New Zealand and yes it is, in fact its summer in New Zealand 24/7 and 365 days of the year when you use a treadmill with a virtual route on the screen on the brand spanking new treadmills at my gym in Aberdeen Scotland.

Happy running everyone and I hope you all have a successful 2014 :)


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  • Oldgirl, Helloooooo! How wonderful to hear from you! You mean to say that you haven't run for 8 weeks and yet you've just run up a hill?!! You're amazing! (It was one humdinger of a chest infection, wasn't it?)

    Take it very steady, go carefully and don't over-do it. And, most of all, enjoy the exercise and New Zealand. (One day I WILL get to visit NZ.)

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2014. Happy trotting! :)

  • Everyone should get to NZ in their lifetime, its a truly wonderful country, wish I was really there instead of in the freezing cold of NE Scotland. ;)

  • Noooooo! You were running on a treadmill with a sort of video to watch?!!!! Sounds almost as if it might tempt me into a gym!!! Which country next?!!

  • Happy running to you too and happy new year. Auckland, NZ ! Woohooo. How wonderful. I hope you have a great time out there. Glad you managed to get back to running again. I bet you've been getting serious withdrawals.

  • Now come on girls I know its late but treadmill virtual screen must have given the game away. ;) My gym has eight (I think) of these wonderful new treadmills, you can chose from about 10 different locations to view a virtual route, big screens too :) Really will take the boredom out of running on a treadmill, they have them on cross trainers & cycles too. On a serious note though it was good to get a gentle jog albeit for only about 10 minutes and not fast but here's hoping for more to come.

  • LOL! Can you tell me next time which hill it is?

    I've lived in both Auckland and Aberdeen. Both have bad traffic due to bridges. If you can cope with humidity Auckland is fine but my Scots ancestors were sensible and settled in the South Island :)

    I loved how pretty Aberdeen was when the sun comes out

  • Will check it out this coming week for you Kiwihelen, there are other options for both islands, I also had a quick look at Wellington too. Its a beautiful country. My hubby has relations in Christchurch & Whangerai (spelling?) near Auchland.

  • I'm impressed you even attempted to spell whangerei (said fang-ger-eh for those reading this).

    I'm from Otago but know Christchurch well (or did before the city was destroyed by the earthquakes :( )

    I hope to be living in my own country by this time next year - 15 years away is a long time.

    If there is a Dunedin one I will be amused to find it is Baldwin Street - the steepest street in the world - that would be a funny programme :)

  • You had me fooled there for a minute oldgirl! I was quite excited, not least because I actually do fly to New Zealand the day after tomorrow! Not staying in Auckland, but in Napier, which is a wonderful city- the temp is forcast to be 26 on the day I arrive, my daughter tells me. She has my running routes planned already. I will not be allowed to skip my training!

  • Hello Oldgirl, it's great to hear you are back running again.

    The treadmill with a view sounds brilliant . Take care not to overdo things, won't you ?

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year, keep healthy....keep running :)

  • Hello old girl & a happy new year . Glad to hear you are now fit to run welcome back . What a great gym you have , wish ours had those virtual screens , not that I've got a gym membership but I would have if those where installed . Well done & happy running

  • Thanks Rockette and yes it is a wonderful gym full of all very modern up to date equipment. The new Olympic size swimming pool opens in a couple of months too, will be checking that out for sure.

  • Your post gave me a laugh. I am so glad you are managing to run again, even though it wasn't in Auckland ;)

    Last time I was up ( in Aberdeen ) I took a wee run along the railway line, fair enjoyed it.

  • I used to run along the railway line too and then catch a bus back into the city. The only problem is its so busy with bikes and dogs. Bonus is theres no hills and the surface is great too.

  • Welcome back great to hear that you feel like running again and that nasty chest infection is well and truly On The way out. We have those treadmills In The new gym I go to when its icy. I like them at least it gives me something to concentrate on. I tried just one with just running I had no idea where to look. Happy running

  • Great to read you're back, you had me going there for a minute :-)

  • well done - I loved hearing about your virtual run - I was extolling the virtues of it to a friend this morning. Great to see you back in the saddle. :-)

  • Welcome back! This site needs you! I also jumped off the running wagon, but back on it now. Go slowly but surely Oldgirl :) I'm sure we'll both be back to our old selves very soon :)

  • The forum is complete again! Take it easy OG, getting back up to speed. It was a balmy seven or eight degrees here today, in sunny Devon, so just about perfect running temperature and no dreadmills for us. I hope it is not too long before you get back to your beloved outdoors.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Lived in Auckland for a year - you really had me off down memory lane thinking of the views over the harbor and how great it would be to run there. Wish I was near your gym, if not in NZ. Welcome back. Linda

  • Thanks to each and everyone of you for your replies and kind words of encouragement its what this site is all about, helping and supporting with good wishes and words of encouragement. Its going to be a long hard slog I think but I've done it before and hopefully I'll be able to do it again.

    The air up here in Aberdeen has been very cold the past few days so if it keeps up there is no chance of an outdoor run, so dreadmills and the world here I come!!!

    I'm just back from the gym having spent 90 minutes jumping around a badminton court with a load of youngsters, most of them are younger than my sons, two not much older than my granddaughter but many are from overseas and are always so pleasant and friendly. There's life in this Oldgirl yet ;)

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