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well, i'll be honest with you peeps. I was supposed to go out last night for my first run of week 5. But by gum i just didnt have it in me after a particularly hard week at work. zapped of all energy and "oomph".

I was going to give it a miss tonight too - you know, christmas being in the way and things to do and all that ;-) However..... i persuaded myself that if I did, it was the start of a slippery road to disaster. So, went out !!

but bloody hell fire it was hard work!!

i did manage to get my sports bra all cosy and warm by putting it on the radiator whilst I found my missing running shoe from where the kitten had dragged it (in the play tunnel). I got out eventually, plugged meself in and nearly had a heart attack when Laura told me what she had in store for me!! she had to be joking? erm... no, she wasnt.

I struggled with the first five minutes run. I tried to distract myself by looking through peoples windows at all the twinkly christmas lights, but that soon wore off when me lungs nearly packed in.

recovered ok though with the 3 minute walk then hit the next 5 minute run better this time. the next 3 minute walk wasnt long enough though!! where does the time go?? (im going to start checking Laura's timing......)

The final 5 minutes were the hardest I have ever run so far. I mean, when Laura said i'd done two and a half minutes I know I shouted out loud " you gotta be kidding me!". But I struggled on and when it came to Laura saying I had "only" 60 seconds to go, she may as well have said 60 minutes!! I carried out but I think I was swaying from side to side as I was doing it!!

Big pat on the back for me for doing it i know but flippin eck it was hard and im not looking forward to the next run!

Its supposed to be on Tuesday ...... ;-)

Keep on running everyone!! :-) ali

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You really cheered me up with your blog - your style of writing and the fact that you did your run and didn't give up. I graduated a couple of months ago now and also found the odd run a struggle, but I took advice from other bloggers to just believe in the programme and believe in Laura and you will succeed!


cheers NickiB!! Its people like you and the Graduates that keep ME going!! so thank you.

i believe in Laura but I think my body doesnt!! taking its time......

merry christmas to you and may you KEEEEEP RUNNING!! :-)


Well done Ali. It was always going to be hard anyway as you're probably still recovering from the 'lurgies' you've been giving a home to over the last few weeks. I was just on my way out of the door for my run when I opened the forum as the iPad was near the door, so you have delayed my run but made me realise I have to go so am on my way out now.

My cat hasn't been a kitten in a while and is now sensibly, for her not me, tucked up in my bed all cosy while I'm now off into the rain and wind.

Have a good Christmas.


AnnieW55 - honest, i dont know when im going to chift the lingering lurgies ive got but by jingo im gonna keep trying to run!!

Im glad I persuaded you to keep moving towards the front door and out there!! Its not easy when its so easy not to get out there (if you know what I mean!) so well done you, you graduate!! I hope your run went ok despite the rain and wind - cats are sensible arent they ;-)

Merry Christmas to you too and may you KEEEEEP RUNNING!! :-) alix


Well done for getting out there - hope you have a happy next run! It does get easier, honest - if I can do it anyone can :D


Good for you for getting out there. Sometimes you just have to get the head down and work your way through a run. I always try to tell myself that completing a particularly hard run lays down credits for the next few runs, eg one hard run is followed by 2 easier ones! Merry Christmas! :)


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