What was this all about!?!?

Went for my first run of week 6 today. Read every comment about how this run can take you by surprise. So I prepared myself, my plan was not to be the one to have found this run hard, come back to the forum telling everyone this was a piece of cake!

So here i went at 6.00 this morning with my cockiness right by my side , warm up and started doing my 5mn run..... I thought Laura has died on my but then she said 2.5 mn done I thought she was having a laugh..... I was so struggling..... this must have been the hardest 5mn i have done so far... 2nd run slightly easier but took me the first 4 mn to get into a comfortable pace before managing to complete week 6 run 1 .....this was so much hard work!


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  • We started week 6 today and it was harder than I thought! I too found the first 5 minute run endless, but the 8 minute one not too bad. Not overly looking forward to run 2!

    Good luck!

  • If it is any help I did run 2 last night and found it easier than run 1.

    Perhaps this week is to show us that we are at a point where keeping going on longer runs is now easier than taking a break. on longer runs we let ourselves settle in to a rhythm it seems and slowing to a walk breaks that rhythm meaning we have to take time to settle back in to it.

    A colleague at work describes it as the point where you realise carrying on isn't going to hurt any more than it does now so you know that you can just keep going.

  • Very true Kermit

  • But you completed it so well done. On and forward and no more intervals until after graduation!

    Happy running.

  • But you did it and don't you feel proud ?

  • Well done you are nearly there now just a few more runs and you will get your shiny badge

  • Well done! That's exactly how the fist run of w6 felt for me but the second run (2x10 mins) wasn't as bad. Good luck x

  • You see, we wouldn't lie to you ! It's done now though and you have made it - so enjoy the rest if the week. Sure, you may have to battle the doubting voices in your ear, we all do, but now you know you can do it. The next run really isn't bad and then it's straight runs to the finish. As Laura says, you are a runner now, so that badge is within reach. Well done.

  • Congrats on completing the run. It is a sneaky one but its behind you now :)

  • But you did it! Onwards and forwards xx slow and steady xx

  • Have just completed week 5 this morning. Felt pretty good managing 20 mins non-stop. Reading everyone's posts I'm not really looking forward to starting week 6! Well done, sounds tough.

  • I found Run 1 WK6 to be easier than final run of WK5. so all the best

  • Thanks, that's given me a bit of confidence.

  • I've just graduated and run with experienced runners and we all find the first five minutes the hardest for some reason - I think it's the body and the mind saying 'are you having a laugh' and then after five minutes says 'okay if you insist on this insanity'. Good luck with the rest of the program.

  • I'm not sure if it will be any consolation :O but even when I'm back up to running 6k which is my longest distance, I find the first 12 minutes really hard. After that, my body seems to give in and think, 'Ok, she's serious, better get on with it then!'

    The main thing is you did it, you're doing brilliantly and you will get there. Happy running :)

  • That's exactly how it is Anniemurph. Weird, isn't it? For the first ten minutes you're thinking "this is the run that's going to beat me" and next thing you know, you're in the last five and feeling you could probably carry on if you had time... I still don't understand it at all. Have we got any psychologists among us who could explain it?

  • Well done Missfit, you know the most common mistake we all make is focusing too much on these numbers ( I mean the minutes ) instead of trying to enjoy our runs. Use the minutes as guidance to adjust your pace and just keep running. If you follow the programme you will find it doable. Some runs are truly challenging and give you a real satisfaction when you complete them. All the best and Happy running

  • After week 6, the runs do get tougher, but just slow your pace down and you will be fine. You don't have to go at the same speed as you did in the earlier weeks, if you feel more comfortable going a bit slower do that :) It doesn't matter if your jog is nearly as slow as your walk, you just have to keep the running action up - speed comes later. Good Luck :)

  • I just did this run yesterday. I suppose I approached it with the thought "I've just done the 20 minute non stop, this should be easy" attitude. The first 5 minutes definitely seemed to drag. Good luck with W6R2 - I'll be doing it tomorrow.

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