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W8R2- oh my god!!!!

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After cruising the first run of the week, I set off tonight with no major concerns.

Boy was I in for a shock.

From the start, I just couldn't get my rhythm, I couldn't get my breathing under control, even after the usual 5 minutes it normally takes me.

I felt tired straight away, and tempted to give in several times over the time, but somehow I managed, god knows how, to keep going to the end,

From the last 5 message from Laura to the end seemed to take forever at this point I was going little faster than a brisk walk, but like I say, I managed to complete the full 28 minutes

This had been the first run which has been a real struggle.

Has anybody else had runs like this?

Should I be worried about the next run?

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My w5r1 was horrendous, really nauseous and felt so tired, cant believe it looking back, just did w7r1 tonight which went really well. Now that the distances are getting longer Im consciously thinking about what Im eating before hand, making sure I have given it a good 3 or 4 hours to go down, just try and get my head in the right place and keep at it, only now am I seeing a breathing pattern starting, Im not going fast enough yet to warrant it, but every now and again it feels good to breathing to a pattern, I used to inhale over 2 steps and exhale over 2, just felt right for me, keep at it, make sure you are drinking enough liquids too, but again, not too close to run time

Well done for completing it. We all have tricky runs where things just don't feel right. Don't worry. You did it and are progressing. You'll probably find the next one goes like a dream. Good Luck

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Yep we all have those runs and nope you shouldn't be worried. I bet you really enjoy your next run.

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Dont worry, it happens ,all perfectly normal, move along nothing to see here :-) xxx

You did it, you didnt give up, you didnt give in, you kept on going to the very end and that makes you a winner in my book.

Give it a big tick, job completed, you will probably have a really good run for the next one !

Graduation week is just around the corner, you are doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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I think we have all had runs like this. Well done for getting through it. Your next run will probably be great!! I often struggled with run 2 of a week! Strange!!

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Hi Toony, yes I did too ! I think Run 1 is exciting cos its all new , and Run 3 is exciting cos youve finished the weeks runs . Run 2 was always a bit "Meh " for me :-) xxx

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Toonlou24Graduate in reply to poppypug

Exactly!! All in our heads!!!! Gremlins!!!! Xx

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Yes , very very true ! :-) xxx

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No we all have bad runs from time to time. Keep at it 4 runs to grad day come on we are with you to the finish line :) J

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My w7r1 was like that. It was the first run I'd had trouble with. The next was was so much better. Hopefully it's a rare thing.

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I had a run like that last Friday for my W6R3 (first 25-minute run with no walk breaks). It was purely AWFUL. They've been ok all of this week so it was obviously just a bad run. I've found that running is more of a mental exercise than a physical exercise for me - not just in fighting the gremlins but in trying to learn to move on and leave a bad run behind. :o)

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My Monday run was like that Week 8 run 1. I had run over time on Friday (due to vanity and other runners) and thought stupidly that Week 8 run 1 would be easy as I had already run for 33 minutes. How wrong I was. About 8 minutes in I even had to walk for about 5 steps as I just couldn't get my rhythm right. I struggled the whole way and went home a little disappointed but glad I had stuck to it. Run 2 was much better and I run for 38 minutes (again vanity and other runners) . I am out for run 3 tonight (if the torrential rain eases). My first run of the week is always the worst one. Keep at it. Not long now :)

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