Calling all Garmin Connect users

Please can the more experienced Garmin Connect users explain how they can share their stats. I can see Swanscot's (awesome) graphs and maps, but cannot see anyone else's despite having accepted their connections (Mitts and Susan).

I think eveyone can see my brilliant achievements (I'm being ironic) but I have no idea what I did for that to be possible.

Cheers, Delia xox


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  • Everyone who wishes to share their stats, etc need to make sure the settings are:

    Go to your profile > Edit Profile > Privacy settings > Who Can See your Profile AND Who can see my new activities - change to 'Connections' or 'Everyone'.

  • Done!

    How did you get on at the physio last week Swanscot? Hope you're progressing satisfactorily! My right knee is now pretty good, the left's a bit niggly still so I'm stopping all training apart from the ex's and walking for a week to see if that helps. It's so easy to do more than you set out to on a crosstrainer and my 2 five min goes on the treadmill last week convinced me I hadn't actually lost too much fitness so I reckon a week off won't hurt! :-) Hope the foam roller comes this week too, that'll be interesting to try.

    Good luck with your own leg!

  • My phsio has said no running still, but I hope to get the all clear when I next see her on Saturday. On my last visit she gave my thigh a deep massage, physically manipulated the leg, gave me acupuncture, and applied kinesiology tape.

    She recommenced I get a foam roller - well in fact she spoke about the benefits of rolling the IT band, showed me her physio equipment catalogue, commented that Β£17 was expensive for a piece of foam, and suggested I could try with a ball. But I don't have any balls in the house, except tennis balls that I use to roll my arches and I know my lack of balance I'd forever be falling off a ball - it would be such a faff that I know I'd give up - so I've ordered a foam roller.

    I did a couple of 5 km walks last week and my legs and breathing feel just fine.

  • Hello again - BettyJane and I have been discussing on my question how often you should use a foam roller - the opinions on the www range from several times a day to twice a week? Did your physio make any recommendations about this, Swanscot?

    Mine came yesterday - it is horrendously painful but my quads do feel a little more relaxed today. Still a niggly knee pain on the left though.

    Hope you get out for a run before Christmas! :-)

  • I'll ask her about rolling frequency on my next visit on Saturday, She is then off for two weeks and I rather hoped I'd be 'signed off' from her on Saturday. However my leg started playing up again on my bike ride on Tuesday. It's the same pain in the front of my thigh that was my first sign of the ITB problem way back 6 weeks ago.:-(

  • Oh no, that's horrible. Maybe you really do have to take a rest from all longer bike rides etc till it heals up. I haven't been to the gym for over a week for the same reason, I know that even on the cross trainer I'd probably do too much and I can feel how resting is v - e - r - y slowly helping my knee pain. But it isn't half frustrating, my two wee goes on the treadmill last week were just lovely but my knee's not quite there yet. :-(

    Let's hope for better things soon, swanscot. It probably just needs patience... something I don't have a lot of and I suspect you're the same...

    Onwards and upwards - and thanks for the help with the foam roller!

  • The thing is, this wasn't a "longer bike ride" for me. And in my defence(!) the physio had said I could cycle as long as I didn't clip my feet into cleats and I didn't stand on the pedals going uphill, I don't do either of these so thought I would be ok. But never mind, I'll rest and rest some more.

  • You can do it for each individual activity, mine are private as a default setting, but if you look at an individual activity, there is a little padlock at the top which allows you to either share with everyone or just with your contacts.

  • I've done all that and Delia still can't get in. :-( I reconfirmed her so maybe that'll help. Can I connect to you too tantrumbean? :-)

  • Go for it - I'm tantrumbean (it's not very exciting, but feel free to add me!)

  • Thank you tantrumbean... um... I can't get in...

    'tantrumbean only shares some information publicly'

    I'm off to work now but will check back tomorrow :-)

  • I had this problem with my brother-in-law. In the end it seemed that both of us had to send an invitation to the other. Even if someone invites you and you accept it doesn't seem to mean that they can automatically see yours. Try sending an invitation again.

  • Right - good tip, thanks, Nevertoolate! - I'll do this too Delia and you can see what you see later! :-)

  • Hi Delia,

    Can you see mine now? I messed around with the settings last night - the default was for "only me" to see my runs but I changed it to "my connections". I can see yours and Swanscot's OK.

    Still off running today- pesky sore throat which I think will become a cold but I definitely don't want to become a cough! Think I'm best to stay warm for now and see how I feel tomorrow.

    Ann x

  • Hi Ann - can I connect to you too? I can see Delia's and Swanscot's runs, and hopefully they'll be able to see me after all the fiddling we've all done... :-)

    You've got the right idea staying home and nursing yourself... get better soon!

  • Hi Mitts- Of course you can - I'm thinnerandfitter there too. Don't think you'll see too much of interest on my page at the moment - but I think all the community and networking must help keep us out there running (colds allowing of course :-) )


  • Hello again Ann, I can see your runs on Garmin and the big question is, can you see mine? If you can then I have my page under control, if you can't I'm still doing something wrong... :-)

  • Oops - just noticed that you replied (I didn't get an e-mail, which I thought always happened). I am most envious of your (and Delia's) location! Runs around Lake Constance and the surrounding area must be spectacular!

    Unfortunately you won't see much action from me for a while as the sore throat I started with on Sunday has now become a full-blown cold. This is actually a good thing because hopefully it'll get better now rather than turn into bronchitis, which would have me sidelined for several weeks! Don't know if I'll manage the Endomondo Christmas challenge now but I can hope :-)

  • I think you should open the Christmas sherry and spoil yourself for a day or two.

    Get better soon x

  • Thanks - about to hit the ibuprofen again (it worked well earlier on) but I have got a very attractive looking bottle of "medicine" in the kitchen which may well have my name on it later on ! xx

  • I can see your profile and your runs now, Mitts (couldn't see them last night.)

  • So can Delia now, I reckon we're all sorted! :-)

  • Delia. I can see you've added new activities to your Connect account - your dashboard says "3 activities" - and you mentioned running a Speed podcast session. But I can only see one activity on your page - "Local Park Run".

  • Same here - I can see the park run but no others.

  • I can see all mine! What shall I do?

  • I have now fixed it!

  • Oh dear, please advise!

  • Have now sorted it, should be able to see all now!

  • 'Fraid not yet unless I've done it wrong too.... It's strange - I can see that there should be 3 activities, and you have impressive PB stats there (well better than mine) but the first two aren't visible as maps. Perhaps it's because you did them before you had the Forerunner? Not a big deal of course - I just love seeing where other people are! xx

  • No; still only one run is visible.

    Can you check the privacy settings for the individual run is set to 'my connections'? (On details page. the third icon on the grey bar beginning with the edit button, changes privacy)

  • That's what I did. Will try again !

  • I've just added a older few activities from September and October to my Connect account - not to show off, but simply to keep a record of them. I'd recorded these hiking and biking activities with my hand-held GPS (Garmin Oregon) and had uploaded the data to Garmin Basecamp. Basecamp plots the routes on a map, but doesn't give an easy way to browse the times, distances, etc.

  • You are putting me to shame with all this activity! Today I've done Sainsburys and the town centre shops in the rain but I didn't bother to Garmin those :-)

    Hopefully this pesky cold will subside and I'll be back out there soon - I really don't want to lose fitness and have to start again!

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