Farewell Nike+, hello Garmin connect!

Well, as I suspected, my ipod - based Nike+ has been wildly inaccurate. It has been massively over-estimating my distances and therefore also under-estimating my pace. My lovely new Garmin watch confirmed these sad facts.

So..... although I can clearly run for nearly an hour, my 5k time is still over 30 mins and my Nike+ '10k' was likely to have been more of an 8-9k ๐Ÿ˜ข

It's very disappointing but at least I now know where I stand/run.

In addition, it's not as bad as my partner's fitbit app which insists that he has been running across water in the harbour ๐Ÿ˜‚ Definitely not part of the C25k plan!

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  • Ohhh no! I use the Nike+ app.....Hmmm......I've also been mapping my runs on a website though so hope it's not too far out! I think the time is coming for me to invest in a Garmin too.

  • Your stats might be ok if you're using the GPS Nike+ but the simpler ipod version I have been using hasn't been accurate.

    Of course the most important thing is to remember that we are both graduates and improving our fitness levels

  • Okay, that's a bit more comforting. I'm not keen on carrying a phone, wearing a watch and all the other gubbins that can go with running. I'd prefer to keep it simple. Enjoy the Garmin!

  • Hello Yvette. Before you place complete confidence in your Garmin, be aware that it will have its moments too. The test is to plan a route on the Garmin Connect course planner (which you can assume is reasonably accurate I think) and then run it using your Garmin and see if it records the same distance. I love my Garmin, but to say that I trust it absolutely would be exaggerating a little. I've run chip timed, officially measured 10k races and my Garmin regularly comes in at 9.8k, 10.1k or so. It's close, but not perfect.

  • Thanks Rob. I appreciate that there will be some inaccuracy but my Nike+ was much more inaccurate, registering nearly 5.9k for the Garmin 5k! I'm guessing that the Garmin is closer to the truth - sadly

  • Oh how annoying! Hope you enjoy your new Garmin.

  • Thanks Hilbean

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