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hi been looking for a while at the garmin forerunner 10 which comes in some lovely colours !

and today i have found out that they are on the tesco clubcard exchange so i could get buy one using vouchers which seems even better ! not a penny spent.

but was just wondering if any of you out there have this one and what you think of it really pros and cons before i take the plunge many thanks


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I'm going to invest in this very soon - it looks like a great bit of kit - thanks for the hint about it being on the tesco clubcard exchange, I don't know when the last time my mum spent her clubcard points was, so I'll get on that!

mason73Graduate in reply to Ribena

i know too good to be true ! thanks for idea about ebay aswell but now ive seen the nice coloured ones i think tesco is the way


I've got a lovely neon pink one and I really love it! It's great having all the stats to puzzle over although I'm not sure I'm using it as widely as I could be! I can't think of any disadvantages other than having to plug it in to download an activity whereas Endomondo on my phone automatically uploaded from the iPhone to the iPad which was very convenient. It's much handier stopping and starting it rather than having to get your phone out of its little pouch and seems to get a satellite signal better, even when cloudy and under trees, whereas Endomondo sometimes lost the signal (or perhaps it was my phone). I'm sure others on here will give you a much more in depth and technical answer but I thought I'd say hello anyway!:)

DavDGraduate in reply to oona

Hello, I wonder if a Garmin is worth the buy if we already use RunKeeper or Runtastic. Is it more precise, more accurate than a phone app? They all use a satellite signal but I sometimes feel that the apps may not be as good as a Garmin Forerunner 10 - like there are some strange statitics that are relatively questionable... Thank you very much! :-)


I have a 405 because i put in a really low bid on eBay and got it! It's black but I love it, even though I'm really slow it is showing that I am improving and I love the graphs and comparing the stats of pace, time etc


I've just got one. From tesco. On their double club card point thingy. Read all about it here....

Just warning you that you need to spend all your exchanged vouchers and they only come in £10 chunks. So you can use £80 of them and pay £9 extra, or use £90 of them and find something else for a pound or two to make up to the £90.

Just need some time to go out and run/walk with it. Half term next week, yippee!!!

mason73Graduate in reply to Beads

thanks for heads up about vouchers thats mad but now i will be prepared lol gunna look in hols to see colours try on etc and think then get a bargain at tesco let me know how you get on with it bet you cant wait im on week 9 so think it will be a good present to myself for being able to run 30 mins !!!!!!!!!!


I have the Garmin Forerunner110 and love it. I have to say I wasted my money on buying an expensive iPod Touch which kept losing the sat signal all the time. Hubby got fed up hearing my moans and groans and bought me the Garmin for a birthday pressie, nice man :) I just love it.

Hi, I've just ordered one of the pink Garmin Forerunner 10's from Tesco. I didn't use the Clubcard vouchers for mine but I managed to get it for £79.00. They have currently got a tenner off them but I found a voucher code for another £10 discount if you enter the following at the checkout - TDX-TFNG. Discount code valid until 26/5/13 but you may be able to use it with the Clubcard vouchers. I'm collecting mine from the local Express store just up the road tomorrow as it's free and delivery wouldn't be till the end of the week if not!! Hope this helps. Claire.

mason73Graduate in reply to nomorejellybelly

thanks for code will give it a try you never know and hope you have a good run once you pick your watch up i cant believe i get so excited about running things mad !!

There's one of the men's FR10s on eBay at the moment second-hand - I couldn't see any of the small sized ones.


I've got a Garmin 110. I find it much better than using an app on my phone, you can check your pace and distance so easily throughout your run, plus pause and restart if you have stop to cross the road. So much easier than fumbling to get your phone in and out of its pouch!


I've got a garmin forerunner 110 and I LOVE it. :D My best toy ever. I got this one because I wanted the heart rate monitor (just because it's fascinating - hardly necessary). Downloading is a bit fiddly, but fine once you get used to the weird bulldog clip thing. I'm not sure how the 10s download.

Tracking is supposed to be much better with garmins than with phones, and it's much easier to read a watch than a phone.

Enjoy it!

mason73Graduate in reply to greenlegs

hi thanks im sold on garmins now my phone app has me at 10 kms a hour then two mins later even though same pace im doing 6.5km a hour so this is bound to be better and will hopefully help me to carry on running once i graduate on week 9 at mo x


hi all thanks for all your answers i think its for me its just what colour to choose now gunna go look then go back to tesco with my vouchers im excited already !!

happy running


I brought one last week off Amazon but ended up with the boring black one (it was the cheapest!!) and I have only done 2 runs with it but I LOVE it!!! it tells me all the info I need: time, distance, speed and most important calories!!

It has even made me run more as I want to get to 5k in 30 mins....and in 2 runs I have knocked 20 secs of my time already!!

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