4 + 4?

Hi all, i have completed my 4th Parkrun since i restarted C25K at the end of October and i am due to start W4 tomorrow or monday. I managed to run the entire Parkrun this morning but i did find it tough. I was 234th out of 252 and ran it in 34.42. As you can deduce, i am a very slow runner but i did finish. I don't get out of breath too much but i do have problems with my knees and feet. Good luck to everyone running and enjoying (enduring) it, Ed x


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34 Replies

  • Ed that is a great time! I think you are in a very fast park run. I am on wk 7 and am slower than you! Whilst I feel that time and speed are not everything at his stage as they can be improved upon after graduation, I do feel that your achievement is somewhat lost on you. Try taking a look at other park run times, I know that 30 mins is what I aim for and you are not far off that. Bloody well done Ed!! You are doing much better than you realise. :)

  • Hi jedda thanks a huge amount for the very kind words.

    I want to try and get under 30 mins but i havent been

    running very much this year so its still bloody hard work.

    I will get there though, Ed x

  • If that's your time in week 4, I don't think you've got anything to worry about - you'll manage 5k in 30 mins easily by the end of the programme, which will make you part of a very lucky (or talented ;-) ) minority! Well done!

  • Hi tantrum thanks very much indeed. Not talented but

    possibly demented :-) Ed

  • That is great timing! I have no idea how long 5k is taking me, but have just bought a pink Garmin 10 so I will soon be letting you know, but I predict I'll be more around the 40 minute mark. Well done! Delia

  • Hi Delia thanks very much. Thats good, i use the GPS on my

    phone but i dont think its that accurate to be honest. Keep us

    posted, Ed x

  • Just back from run and I am nowhere near the 5K -- will post later boo hoo

  • Ok cool

  • I was thinking about you and wondering if you had a Garmin yet just this morning! I took mine for a 3K brisk walk - have decided to stop all running/treadmill/crosstrainer for a week and see if the very boring niggle in my knees subsides. Will keep doing the ex's, and walk.

    I couldn't decide over Barbie pink and puke green so bought the man's black one - worn over a wristband it works fine. Takes an age to find the location at the start, though, I always put it out 5 minutes at least before I go out myself. It's great fun comparing all your walks and runs!

    Happy running! xx

  • Morning Mitts!

    Am about to post my Garmin trials and tribulations....as I said, boo hoo :-(

  • Oh shut up Ed. You're being very impressive and making everyone green with envy. :-)

  • I dont think so you know

  • Well take it from us x

  • Ok will do love x

  • Wow, well done. I would love to break the 40 minute barrier!

  • Thanks genevan i will be rooting for next time i run, Ed

  • Well done that was a brilliant time, you are very hard on yourself. I didn't manage a Parkrun yesterday as have sore calves and was having trouble walking (are slightly better today thankfully) but was cheering you on from home. Hopefully be back next week. Good Luck with wk4 :-)

  • Thanks very much. I was rooting for you yesterday as i will next week. Ed x

  • Why is someone doing C25k when they can complete a 5k Parkrun without stopping?

    Am I missing something?

  • Hi fingalo i know what you mean. Maybe i should concentrate

    on distance instead. Ed

  • It just seems odd as I can't see what you're getting from it?

    It must be like someone on Week 8 repeating Week 1 or 2. It seems to me that you're way ahead of needing C25k.

  • Trueci suppose

  • True i meant

  • You may find the intervals of C25K help with your speed. Not that you're slow - I think my graduation 5k took me over 34 minutes so I reckon you'll crack the 30 minutes by the end of the nine weeks (I still haven't!)

    I expect that building up slowly with the intervals may also help you avoid injury if you have knee and feet issues.

    Well done !!

  • Cheers SFB, I hope it's obvious that I wasn't having a go at BigEd, I just couldn't see any benefit to him doing the programme. This makes sense.

  • Hi fingalo no probs

  • I just know from experience that rushing things leads to injury - building up gradually is a lot better for you.

  • Thanks sfb i should try that

  • Week 4 and knocking off a 5K in under 35 minutes, without walking...I would call that nothing short of amazing!! You are doing great!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve i really appreciate that.

  • Fantastic time! You will be well under 30 minutes when you graduate - something some of us are still striving for ... jealous, moi? :)

  • Thanks very much indeed, i really appreciate that. You have brightened my day, :-)

  • We aim to please! And we all need a bit of pre-Christmas brightening! :)

  • Yes thats very true indeed, Ed x

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