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Started week 4 and looking ahead

I did the first run of week 4 yesterday and I did it all. I think that is probably the most I've ever been able to run in my life. The C25K is taking me a while as Dr told me to rest but now I'm raring to go.

I have some friends who run regularly and they keep mentioning to me to do a parkrun. Should I be brave and put it in my calendar for when I finish week 9?

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I think you should, it would be another goal to aim for and well done on starting week 4 :-)


Do it!!!! I had committed to a race before starting the program. It gives you something to motivate you and focus on. And it feels great when it's done - a real personal accomplishment and a great way to celebrate the work you put into couch to 5 k.


Thank you both. I think I will definitely try and do it.


"I will definitely try and do it"

Quote from Yoda (Star Wars):

"No. Try Not. Do, or not do. There is no try. " which is just saying put your mind to something and achieve it.

I think Park Run is a fantastic goal to aim for, and there will be all kinds of runners when you go along. Some will finish in 19 minutes but the majority will be at similar speeds to us. I actually ran W9r3 at Park Run and simply loved the whole atmosphere & friendliness of it all. You've got friends to go along with, and a regular Saturday morning Park Run 5km is a great way to get one of your three-a-week.


Thank you MarkyD.


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