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3 lows and 4 highs :)


Lows ;( ;( ;(

Two horrific hangovers this week ( one being today) I am v naughty girl

Struggled on parkrun today and felt sick ( due to above)

Car handbreak came off in my hand when I arrived home from work yesturday :(

Highs :) :) :)

I have reached my target weight, slimmest I have been ever, feels great!

Beat my PB on 5k this week at 31 mins.....still aiming for Laura's elusive 30

No more knee pain, 100 quid on shoes well spent

Did a 6.5k run with my boy in 40 mins....it felt sooooo good

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


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I admire you for going despite the hangover! I had a disturbed night with the kids and only woke (after going back to bed earlier in the morning) at 8.40 so no parkrun for me. Well done on the PB and great that your knee is better.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Tati

Hope you had a better night and thank you , have a great Sunday :)


"slimmest I have been ever" your poor poor mother, she gave birth to an adult sized baby then ;) Sorry I knew what you meant and many congratulations, reaching your target weight is a mighty big hurdle to have jumped. Good time at Parkrun too, must have been those lovely new runners :) I can see you doing a sub 30 before the summer is out for sure.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Oldgirl

Ha ha yes I should have added 'slimmest ever as a grown up' my poor mum has had enough to put up with from me over the years without doing that to her too!!



You ran with a hangover?? That's dedication and then some - kudos.

And congratulations on reaching your target weight! Bet it was lovely to run with your son....I might try some less gentle persuasion techniques on my own kid :-)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to lola465

It was actually my son Leon who appeared in the living room fully kitted out saying 'off we go to park run then mummy'. I felt like throwing up but couldn't let him down, particularly when he pointed out that it was my own fault!



Excellent highs - and easily remedied lows. :D

I used to work with a British Army General, who was one of the nicest guys you could meet. But if you mentioned you had a hangover, he'd bark, "Self-inflicted wound. No sympathy." and you got the impression that he was just itching to have you running round a parade ground holding a rifle over your head... ;-)

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Landesman

I love that! :)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Landesman

Ha ha love it! He sounds like my son but luckily I didn't have to do parkrun carrying a rifle over my head I definitely would have collapsed



Did some one not tell me running with a hangover made them run better ? Sorry to hear about the handbreak, quite scary.

Good running stats and a great achievement with the weight loss. (don't over do it)

I am working towards my hangover for tomorrow.

Glad the new trainers are helping with the knee. Have a good Sunday :-)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to alcopop

I KNOW I did didn't I???However on reflection a minor hangover =good

Major hangover = bad. I had sweaty palms, dizziness and felt so sick. I am convinced I was breathing alcohol over the other runners too.

Good luck with your hangover today :)

I am feeling saintly as we went to a bar b q last night and I abstained :)

Just awaiting my cuppa and poached eggs

Have a fabulastic day



Well done on reaching your target weight. That's a magnificent achievement.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Malcy

Thank you Malcy... Anything for a 'nice bum' is worth it

;) ;)

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