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W5R2 ✔ | Parkrun #3 PB ✔


With apologies to those who are used to my "tales of woe!" ... I did my Parkrun number 3 this morning, enjoyed everything about it. All my technology went wrong so I worked from my watch knowing what W5R2 intervals are : got a PB, still a terrible 5K time, but hey a PB!! Being the strange animal I am, I had time this evening and wasn't "at peace" with myself having guessed the W5R2 intervals this morning in Parkrun, so I went back out in glorious evening sunshine into some local fields and did the W5R2 again. Mad, I know, but then that's me ... I promised myself a Parkrun this weekend as my birthday treat to myself for tomorrow. NEVER thought I'd say that. Happy Sunday everyone & thanks for the support so far.

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Well done David! Happy birthday for tomorrow!😊


Happy birthday David! You are on a roll, 👍🏼😀

What's with the "terrible 5k time"!!!! Who cares? You are doing great and can't do any better than PB. Happy Birthday for tomorrow - but make it a rest day.

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Weight lifting tomorrow on my birthday - red and amber weights.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow David and you're doing brilliantly! You've achieved a goal and you've got a PB. Whoop whoop 🤗


Happy birthday to you, runner!


Happy birthday for tomorrow, but, excuse me exactly what is a 'terrible' 5k time? When you have got up, moved about, got some fresh air and socialised? None of that now, get thee to parkrun on a regular basis!


davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Madge50

Yep, you're right ... yet again I enjoyed the Parkrun (mostly walk, but gradually adding a bit of light jogging!). Jogging slows me down .....


Happy birthday for tomorrow :) . Keep up the good work! X

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to SlowWorm2016

Thank you!

Happy Birthday! I admire your determination!

Happy Birthday and a huge well done for your PB. I'm so impressed and really pleased for you. W3R1 for me tomorrow!

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Sarah1703

Sarah1703 Great to hear that you're marching on. Well done for getting back up to W3, keep going! I find it hard sometimes, but don't figure on giving up any time soon. I've got the dreaded W5R3 (20 min run) to do next and have threatened myself to give it a go this afternoon. I'm forcing myself to do my runs outdoors this time around with the C25K programme, so when I combine my resolution that I have to run outdoors, a full 20 minute run without a break and RAIN!!!!! Say no more ....


Just seen your post, well done and belated happy birthday.

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to MotherPip

Thanks ... threatening myself to go out in the rain and do the dreaded W5R3 20-min run this afternoon..... my gremlins are having a field-day!! (& so far they are winning, we'll see ...)

runlikeagirlGraduate in reply to davidhwynn

Don't think about it. Just put your gear on, step out of the door and go nice and slow and steady for 20 minutes. Nothing else matters for W5R3.

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