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Ran 5k at last!

Hi Everyone,

I usually do Stepping Stones and Speed during the week but this morning decided to have a go at Stamina - my last attempt (on Sunday) having ended up with stopping at 28 minutes (I did have a bit of a hangover truth be known - birthday party the night before).

It's been very cold here, like everywhere, but I decided that maybe fewer layers would help me to go that bit faster.

So there I was in Capris, running t-shirt and my lightweight fleece (oh and a hat), setting out just after 8am when the streets were packed with school kids and the temp was -2C. It actually went well - less ice than on Tuesday, too. In the past I've manually plotted runs with MapMyRun, but now I'm able to use my shiny new Garmin (my previous PB on Stamina using MapMyRun was 4.95K). So when, after a few minutes, I decided that I wasn't getting too cold I thought I'd try and go for the 5k, even if I had to go a little over the podcast time.

Well - I plodded on using my usual route (trying not to look at Garmin too often) but when Laura "encouraged" me to step it up for the final sprint I did look and found I was well over 4 K! Needless to say I went on to get to 5K and then stopped straight away - 34mins 9 seconds.

Big lessons learnt - wear fewer rather than more clothes - avoid cotton sweatshirt - avoid Aldi jacket unless it's actually raining - proper technical fabric is a good thing.

I am very pleased to have reached this milestone I think about 12 weeks after starting the program. Now I really can wear my graduate t-shirt with pride!

Hope you're all having a good week and be careful out there!


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Well done Ann - see, life begins at 50!! What a great achievement; feels good doesnt it when we can tick off another goal?!

I havent used any of the other podcasts yet; I just enjoy running for as long as I can and then going home to check my garmin stats and hope for an improvement and it is harder in this cold weather thats for sure.....But at least we are still out there!

Sue x


Awesome! Well done!!


Yey well done. Running with a hangover is quite difficult isn't it? so too is running after a roast dinner (I left 2 houirs), I found my self bleching and trumping the whole time :-)


Thanks all - I wore my C25K t-shirt to my aerobics class today just to show off!

And alliec - I wouldn't dare run after a roast dinner - I'm strictly a quick breakfast then get ready and out the door person. Strange as I don't really "do" mornings but it's the only time I've found runnable. I'll be giving hangover runs a miss from now on as well :-) Live and learn!


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