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Week 9 here I come - with wardrobe malfunction...

A day of firsts:

0. Woke up and emailed parkrun to volunteer on 19th October! (Gulp!)

1. First day of week 9 so first 30 min run ( wayhay!)

2. Risked a post birthday weigh day and discovered I have lost just over a stone (wayhay!). Can anyone explain why weight drops off in lumps? You go along for two weeks being good and nothing moves. You come up with all the excuses which involve water, hormones, work, etc and then one day a lump has dropped off. In my case 0.8kg which is nearly 2lb.

3. New trousers. Decided that I needed to wear longs not Capri as my shins are a bit whiny because they get chilly. Dug in the deep drawer of discarded sportswear and found a pair of long Skins that I bought cheap. Then performed the workout involved in putting on your skins and decided although they felt weird this was all good. I was now a stone smaller so now I would be comfortable in these things ...

4. New route. Embarked on slightly tweaked route so I could squeeze in two more minutes and started MMT and thought how at 7am the light is nice but it is definitely darker.

5. First 10 mins fine, second 10 mins on ground lovely, final 10 mins trickier and splits show my 2nd, 3rd and 4th km were very similar. But 4.68 km in 30 mins! Which rounds up to 5k!

6. First email from my new Fitbit saying that I am a champ! I love my Fitbit and my Fitbit loves me!

7. Brian at Parkrun emails to say 'Brilliant! See you at about 8.30'. I am going to a parkrun.

8. Perform martial art involved in taking off Skins - to discover they were on back to front! No wonder they felt weird!

So room for improvement - who knows what I could achieve if I put my trousers on the right way round!

Once again - Pink and smug!

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What a super blog :-) Well done and good luck for a brilliant parkrun.


"who knows what I could achieve if I put my trousers on the right way round!" - haha! Well done, great blog and great distance. it's more than I was doing in week 9.


Congratulations all round and I think pink and smug should become the new byline for C25k. Great post, deb54 (55?)!!


Sounds like you've made a cracking start to W9 :)

Good luck with the parkrun .

Happy Belated Birthday...somehow missed your previous post.


Yay! Fab start! I'm slacking this week, finishing up with week 8 later today.


Great blog made me smile on a crappy day well done with your run great distance and good luck with parkrun hope its fun x

Kate x


Hi Deb, sounds like you have been going great guns while I've been on holiday ! So impressed with you going on the park run.

Belated happy birthday too. Mine in on the 9th October - but is will be 56 ! Tell me more about the fit bit as I am slithering Bout asking for something like that or so e running clothes. I am still going out in tee shirt and jogger type things. Except when I was on holiday when I wore shorts to run in ... for the first time since I was at school! Overcame a bit of a mental barrier there.


Great to have you back and well done on sticking to the prog on holiday. Sounds like you had a great time.

Parkrun - I have been thinking, like others on here, about what to do next to keep going and I am really lucky that there are a few park runs round here. But I know myself well enough that I will be in a tizzy unless I know the place and know the routine. SO the plan is volunteer first then run once I feel I can do 5km comfortably and in a reasonable time. Time is going to be ok I think so I have put the beginning on November to run a park run. That gives me 3-4 weeks just to get into a routine, sort out a 5km route and get some decent music!

Fitbit - I have got a One that logs steps, stairs, calories burnt, distanced travelled and sleep! You can link it to myfitnesspal and sync to your computer. This means you spend your whole waking hours on fitbit, MFP, and c25k community websites! Lol!

Birthdays - the numbers are a bit weird aren't they? This place is full of the 'more mature' runner that you realise that you CAN do it. Enjoy being 55 and plan what is on your wish list! Gone on a bit, sorry!


Thanks for the warm welcome back! 55 has been a difficult year, highs (first grandson) and lows. Kind of spurred me on to be as fit as I can for as long as I can though. So roll on 56! I know the route of the park run here well, as I have walked it loads, I am with you though, I would need to be confident. Could do the 5 k first so think I will have a go at it myself to begin with. November sounds like a good goal.

I have a very fancy step counter which counts steps and calories and grams of fat used so not sure if the fit bit would add a huge amount. Love the comment about spending time on these things though... I am bad enough already.


2. I totally buy in to the theory that the body preserves fat it's not getting getting enough calories. This firmly held belief entitles me to a weekly blow out ;-) . Lost 5 stone, so it can't be wrong!


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