W5R1 done

The first two run sections went well but the last one seemed to be a lot longer (would Laura lie to me!!) but I juffled through to the end. However, as I will be away Fri-Mon for my son's wedding I will be unable to get the major milestone of W5R3 done before I go. So I think I will do run 2 on Wednesday and perhaps repeat it the following Tuesday before girding my loin and doing the big one a couple of days later. Goodness, who would have thought this running business could make things so complicated - or maybe it is just me!!!

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  • Well done peabea and good luck. What on earth is 'juffling' however? Ed x

  • Juffling is a jog/shuffle - the way in which I manage to complete each week so far though the shuffle part is more usual mode for me!! lol

  • Oh i see, ta for the info. In my case its ralking! :-)

  • Well done, enjoy your wedding and then good luck with r3 you will be fine. I have juffled all the way to graduation :-)

  • I'm still juffling after graduation!!! :-) Well done and best wishes getting run 2 in and the dreaded 20! YOU CAN DO IT! :-) Gayle

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