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Couch to 5K
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Don't really have much to report as this run felt about the same difficulty as last weeks as in I wasn't really pushed, I'm doing C25K only by reading the time on my watch to count the running and walking segments with no phone to listen to anything, I think if I ran with earbuds they wouldn't stay in. But i've managed to stay motivated, feel a lot more motivated this week than I did last week, can see changes in how my body has redistributed fat by giving me a flatter stomach and bringing in my love handles but this is perhaps due to the bit of light weights I do in my bedroom after a run. I had already lost the weight last summer through dieting so weight loss was never my motivation for running but i'm happier with how my body is looking.

I didn't purchase running shoes as they're all so very expensive and i'm not sure I can justify the purchase when I don't get aches and pains as it is, but nevertheless I combined two shoes into one by taking the comfy insoles out of one pair of trainers and sticking them into my shoes best suited for running, New balance 620's which are apparently retro running shoes but I've always just used them as fashion. I think the pains I experienced before was down to falling hard on my feet with each step but now that I'm getting used to running I just glide along the ground, and at 21 I think i'm probably less pre-dispositioned towards joint pain than runners who are older than me

I think I will manage run 2 OK but I'm worried about run 3 as everyone else was at this stage, but the program hasn't let me down yet. I'll need to see about downloading a podcast and getting these earphones to stay in for run 3 as it would be nice to have something to keep my mind off the time and stop me constantly looking at my watch. A watched pot never boils and all that

Thanks for reading

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I’m on W5 R2 at 6pm tonight skelig. I balked at the thought of run 5 but got through my first OK. I slowed down in my jog parts and will try the same if I feel I’m going to stop. Come on!!! We can do this!

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I did it! I did it! I persevered gently and did it!


Well done labs! we'll graduate together :)

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Well done.

If you haven't already, I would recommend reading the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

It should not be hard work, but if you feel you want to push a bit harder leave it until the last half of the last runs in weeks 7,8 and 9. This will maximise the body adaptation. You will tone up and probably lose inches by running, although weight loss is not a given.

If your shoes are actually running shoes, then you will probably be okay, but certainly when you feel flush a gait analysis (which costs nothing at many stores) is well worth investigating. Running shoes are generally cheaper than repeated visits to a physio and are the most important part of your running kit. Even with youth on your side the wrong shoes could actually create problems.

Keeping it all slow and steady strengthens your body, builds stamina and gradually reduces your injury risk, so keep going, you are doing great.


Take the excellent advice and follow the link sent by IannodaTruffe ... the only way to reach the Graduation podium, injury free :)

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