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Setback at week 6!

After doing so well with the programme and going from a committed non runner to really getting the running bug, I struggled with week 6. After the last run my ankle swelled up and I could hardly walk! I'm so gutted! I haven't run for a week now and am feeling really down, my ankle is still swollen and painful. I really want to get back to running again to keep up the momentum and fitness I've gained but can't see a time when I'll be able to. Going to the GP tomorrow to see what they can advise. Not sure when to run again or where to restart the programme.

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Hi Tessietwo

Take your time and get properly mended - you need to remeber that you are in for the long haul. Treat it as a running holiday and maybe look at the S&F podcast.

You'll get there - Mo :-)


Try not to be so hard on yourself. It's a short term setback on a long term goal. Don't do yourself more damage by trying again too soon - maybe get out walking if you can manage it, just to keep your motivation up.

Get well soon :)


Sorry to hear this Tessie but as the others say, you need it to heal before attempting to get out for a run again otherwise you may do more damage; a visit to the GP is the best thing.

Lots of us here have been out with injury or aches and pains for a while, some a lot longer than others, but manage to get back into it ok even if it means going back a few weeks to ease in gently.

I fully understand your frustration though but try and be patient, keep coming to this site to keep your motivation going and you will be fine, promise! Hope you are pain free real soon.



Oh no, you have my sympathies. I struggled through week 6 too and managed to do something horrible to my neck and shoulder muscles. I've now been out of action on the running front for 16 days :( I went horse riding today and survived so I'm crossing my fingers that I can get back to running on Monday - can't believe I've missed running so much!

Take the time to heal even though it's annoying. You're better off out of action for a week, two weeks, whatever, just as long as you don't start running until your body is ready for it again. I'm crossing my fingers that you're pain free and fit again very soon.

As for where to restart .... ummm, I'm wondering the same thing myself. I think I'll just head out and do interval runs at whatever time stretch is comfortable and then slot back in to the program where I think I fit.



Thanks so much for all your comments. Of course you are right I need to let it heal! I like the idea of treating it as a running holiday and walking is good idea too. The GP thought it was a fracture! Fortunately not, but it was a bit of a wake up call to let things heal and listen to your body, especially if it hurts!


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