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Ready to start week 6, question?

Hi guys, just signed up as I would love some feed back. I am curious about my next step.

A little bit of background. I'm a 33 year old male. I've never been fit, I couldn't even do the cross country when I was at school. I used to play a little football as a kid but only recreationally. Apart from that my usual exercise consists of long walks on my lunch hour.

So I start my couch to 5k plan thinking I'll never reach the end cause I've never thought I was fit.

Fast forward to week 5 day 3 and I complete my 20min run and feel great. I've not struggled (much to my surprise) through any stage of the process. I look at week 6 day 1 and see that we are going back to stop start running again. I'm not sure I want to go back to that. I enjoyed 20 mins and would rather continue that and keep working up with the non stop running to 30 mins.

What are peoples opinions on this? Do I stick with the programme that has got me this far or am I able enough to sort myself out now? Is there a reason for going back to stop start again briefly?

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I'd definitely stick with the programme! It does seem odd to go back to breaks after running constantly but the whole process is to get you running for 30 minutes three times a week. Stamina is an odd beast and needs to be developed gradually. If you feel that a walking break is a step backwards mix it up a bit by varying your speed and, if you feel up to it, run the second runs a bit faster. Good luck!


I would also recommend sticking to the programme. I think run 3 of week 5 is more about proving you can do it mentally , getting you into the right frame of mind. It does seem a shame to walk again after such an amazing achievement and I personally found week 6 difficult but trust the programme, it's only a couple more runs with walking involved and the rest is running all the way.


I'd stick with it. I've just done week 6 run 2 and it feels like consolidation. It's only 2 runs and then it's non stop to graduation. Enjoy it whatever you decide.


Stick with the plan.

I was like you at school but I am few years older and I found the 1st run on week 6 a struggle. If fact quite a few also found it the same when I asked on here.

It must just be a mental thing as Laura says but one you reach the end of Week 6 you are then non stop running until the graduation. I am now halfway through week 7 and it does feel a little easier.

The positive side is that I struggled on week one (think most do) and back then if some one said you could do 25 minutes in 7 weeks you would need to pick me up off the floor from laughter. However here I am 6 weeks later doing 25 minutes, not fast but constant.


Well done on your progress David9, but stick to the programme. It's only 2 runs containing intervals, then you're back to solid running til you've finished C25k.

Then you can run exactly how it suits you. :)


Thank you everyone for your replies.

I guess I've just got a little impatient and over excited. Which is silly as most of you say its only 2 more runs with intervals anyway. Plus the programme has got me this far when I didn't think it was possible.

So week 6 run 1 it is tonight!


Good decision David, you know it makes sense :-)

Welcome to the board and this fantastic programme .

Youre doing great so far, keep doing what you've been doing and keep posting ! xxx


stick with the plan, it is only two run/walk runs then its long runs all the way to the end!


I must add it really is a fantastic programme. I wish I had discovered this earlier. I've always looked at people who run/jog and thought they're bonkers but it really does give me a great feeling. It makes me feel fresh, motivated and very proud. Can't wait to get the first 5k done and start joining fun runs/races etc.

But one step at a time eh ;-)


Oh God yeah, stick! It is so easy to get carried away and hurt yourself. The injury couch is hell

Be a wise guy and keep off it!

Hello by the way 😊


Even when you've graduated you may find yourself doing walk/run interval training (perhaps to improve your pace) so don't knock it.

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In case anyone is interested I found it quite tough after all that! I did push myself and go faster, but still......

Glad I stuck with the plan. I like it when it feels tough. Makes me feel better for finishing it.


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