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base layer for these cold, wet runs

hello. last weekend I did a long run but came home soaked right through & cold after my cool down walk home. I wore long sleeved tshirt & long leggings, but nothing else other than my undies.

my questions are

does anyone wear a base layer to keep them nice & warm?

which make/store would you recommend?

& do you overheat wearing it or does it just help to "wick" away the sweat? I only ask the last one cause I get so hot when I run.

I dont want to wear my jacket as, like I already said, I get really hot when I run but dont want to come home with a cold red belly from getting wet & being out there in the cold.

thanks for any replies. shelley x

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Since it turned cold and before I got injured I had started wearing running tights with shorts over the top, gloves and a long sleeved Ron Hill trail running top. What I liked about the top was that it had a couple of pockets at the back that I could stuff my gloves into when I got too hot and could roll the sleeves up to cool down. Could you get a thermal vest to tie around your waist for when you stop maybe?


thanks mark. I do have a showerproof jacket but find it a pain tieing it around my waist & running with it for a couple of hours flapping around :) I think I will have to try & find something that I can layer up under my long sleeved tshirt to keep my "core" warm whilst I run. I suppose something that is wicking, maybe a vest under my tshirt?


Now wearing long sleeve tops and a fleece when there is no rain, but realised on wednesday will need to start wearing gloves it was icy and frosty.

I have a cycling jacket if it rains.

Tonight is -2 here already, so don't know what tomorrow will bring.

I try to do a shorter cool down now of just 2-3 mins before I get too cold.


I dont find Im cold whilst running, just on the cool down walk home & have also thought about getting my gloves out to keep my fingers warm. my main worry is that I will catch a chill without realising it. thanks for the advice. shelley x


I can't do really cold these days so bought a base layer top at Aldie a while ago, its smashing. Lidl have similar tops and leggings this week, not expensive either so worth a try I would say. Leggings would also give you a real feeling of support too so added bonus.


thanks oldgirl. will have to have a look in lidl & see if they have any vests. I have long leggings but if my bum gets too cold may have to look into wearing cycle shorts type of thing underneath. what a shame I dont have my "hold it all in" bridget jones pants anymore. I could tuck them underneath my bra & they came down to my knees. sexy eh?? :) they would have done the job!


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