Base Layer question for the C25K boys!!

Ok guys, I bit the bullet today and went out and splurged on some base layer clothing - it's just too damn cold now and I don't want to have to move my running indoors. So I have a top and tights. But just wondering what else you wear with it all? I presume one of my usual baggy running tops over the top of the base layer will be fine but what about below the waist? :O

I usually run in ronhill running pants - not the super tight ones with stirrups but the slightly baggier ones. Now I've seen blokes out running in just the tights which is err, not going to happen, so do I run the risk of over heating if I wear the tights under my ronhills or should I switch to shorts on top of the tights? (Which also fills me with fear of looking like a total idiot.)

ANY advice would be gratefully received :)


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10 Replies

  • OK I am not a guy I know but to put your mind at ease about looking like an idiot, I see loads of male runners around the streets of London running with tights under their shorts so am presuming this is the standard get-up for colder running and to me it doesnt look odd at all. Maybe some male runners here could clarify for you though - from a male perspective!

  • Thanks Sue. Maybe I'll give that look a go in the morning....or stick with my ronhills ;)

  • Hi Fraz... I live in Austria where the cold is getting colder. The Austrians really are not at all body conscious so the guys are all out there in running/biking leggings. It seems also, like I do, that they wear thermal sports 'long johns' under their running tights/leggings so that the LJ's sort of keep everything secure and then black running/cycling leggings on top. I have also seen some with cute short shorts over the leggings - perhaps they're not Austrian :-)!! Anyway - keep warm however you do it and let us know what works best for you - either way I'm sure you won't look like an idiot :-). Cheers, Sara :-)

  • its not just the boys who need to know!! I normally wear 3/4 leggings that have a skirt attached but they dont do these in full length so feel a bit "exposed" in just tights. I wouldnt dream of wearing leggings on their own normally so have also considered shorts as a sort of cover up :)

  • So in other words yes, we need to know! Does no one else wear base layers?

  • I just took care of this problem today for an organized 5K! It started this morning and it was frigid out! Last night I shopped in the ladies dept. With no success. I went over to the men's and found me a nice lined compression tight for cold weather. I paired it this morning with shorts over the top and a long sleeved running top. Now I know why you men can run so fast! I love them! Pretty sad when I have to shop in the men's to find what I like! Franz, runners here usually wear just the base or will put shorts or sweats over the top. I find here, pretty much anything goes, mixing colors patterns etc. If its running wear/gear then it must all be mix and match! :-) now...for winter I want some of the neat designed knee length compression socks! Gayle

  • I think I'm going to have to address the issue of what to wear under/over running tights, but not because of 'looks' but because of the cold. When out running in below zero temperatures the other day, I wore my slightly thicker 3/4 length running tights and all of me felt warm - even the bare few inches of lower leg - except my behind. I was wearing my usual underwear, but think I may need to start wearing shorts over my tights. The only shorts I have are fitted cycle-short-length running shorts, and I may buy some looser/shorter shorts simply to give me the warmth where I need it - on my behind! And I'll blow a raspberry to anyone who criticises the look!

  • I wear short shorts over my 3/4 length running tights. I wouldn't be seen without them! It makes me feel much more covered up (despite being pretty short!) and also keeps my behind warmer! They are both colour coordinated too :) I don't think it's an odd look, I actually quite like it!

  • Right, I've just ordered some new short shorts from a seller on ebay. Hopefully they should be colour-coordinated too. I say hopefully, because they are labelled as 'aqua', so I hope it matches the turquoise insert on my Brooks 3/4 running tights. :-)

  • I will address this from both a male and American perspective. Let me first preface my answer with the fact that only yesterday I bought my first pair of base layer compression tights.

    As Gayle said earlier, we have found that here in the States if you can put it on, it is officially proper running wear. Color, fit, and what the aforementioned attire either exposes or hides is besides the point. If you can get in it, it is proper. (In a few cases, they haven't even gotten fully into the garment and they still chose to wear it!! :-) ) That being said, I have seen some people who are better suited to the curves which tights expose and others that are well, less flattered by the look. Myself, my curves are formed by a slightly bulging belly which attests to my incredilbe love of a fine ale or stout! :-) Not exactly what people may want to see.

    During a recent trip to a sporting goods store, I asked about this exact issue. The manager explained that tights alone or tights with shorts over them are both common. Runners understand the purpose of the tights. They compress muscles (reducing fatigue) and provide warmth. Others may not understand that these tights have a purpose other than how they appear.

    So after a long-winded rant, I think it comes down to this...What are you comfortable wearing? If you just want to wear the tights...then to heck with anyone who scoffs about it. If you are more comfortable wtih shorts over the top, then do so. Do what Mother Nature, the elements and your confidence and comfort call for. Again, to heck with those driving by in cars...WE ARE RUNNERS!! :-)

    Keep Running...tights and all!!! :-)


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