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W7R2 Tough Going

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Glad to have another one ticked off. I found that one quite tough, my legs felt heavy from the start. In a few parts I felt I was almost standing still, I wasn't actually going any slower than in the previous 25min runs though because I covered same distance today so that's good; it just felt like it! Last week 7 run on Thursday then onto penultimate week 8!!!! Can't believe I'm typing that :)

All the best to everyone out there, one foot in front of the other!!!! Go for it.

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Well done and keep going. Don't forget to eat cake in celebration, (feel free to email me a slice, please) Ed x

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Leyther1Graduate in reply to BigEd

Ha! Thanks Ed, I've done nothing but eat more since starting this plan! :) never mind eh at least we're burning it off.

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I remember that I did not enjoy week 7 at all, it started off with one of those 'bad runs' and didn't improve much for the second two runs.

Good luck with your next run, you'll be graduating before you know it :-)

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Leyther1Graduate in reply to Clare7645

Thanks Clare, I've heard a few people say they struggled week 7 so I'm looking forward to moving on; I want a graduate badge like the one you are now due :)

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You are rolling right along, Leyther!! I always struggled with R2 no matter which week I was in. You seem to be making easy work of this program!! Good for you!!

You are quickly ticking these runs off and will soon be telling us how your graduation run went!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)


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Leyther1Graduate in reply to smhall

Cheers Steve, I cannot wait for the day!!! :)

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Well done Leyther... keep going I am sure Thursday's run will not feel as bad. Just picture that W9R3 finish line in your mind.

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Leyther1Graduate in reply to exwightman

Thanks exwightman, hope so and will try and picture the line when it gets tough. You're right behind me!!

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Hey Leyther, Well done you !!! :-) I should've done it yesterday but I wimped out. I finally did it today (on the treadmill at the gym) I am hoping to do the final one on Friday :-) Then we're on to week 8 .............Can you believe that ?? Good luck for whenever you do yours :-)

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Leyther1Graduate in reply to kazzers

Hey kazzers, thanks. Was looking out for your post, glad you got it done. Week 8 - no I can't believe it, it feels like the past weeks have gone by in such a blur! Yeah! Go us! :) good luck for Friday, you'll smash it!

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