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Oh no - just finished week 9 and think I've got Achilles Tendinitis!!!!

Oh no - just finished week 9 and think I've got Achilles Tendinitis!!!!

Staying injury free for the duration of the 9 weeks was too good to be true after all.

It's strange, but it doesn't hurt to walk, swim, or even run. But when i massage body lotion either side of my achilles tendon, the slightest pressure is very very painful! :-(

After posting a question on this site, and Greg_M making a suggestion as to what it might be i ended up going to a website which I've used for my warm up stretching exercises. This site ( had quite a comprehensive list of lower calf injuries which has enabled me to self diagnose.

Now I guess this could be dangerous, but the suggested solution is rest for a few days, followed by running with a heel insert, which cannot cause me any more damage (other than the frustration of not being out running!).

Apparently stretching is also out of the question until the soreness has gone away.

If anyone has had this problem, or can recommend a decent heel insert I'd welcome hearing from them.

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Hi Mo.... have heel spurs myself and recently had x-rays which led to the Doc prescribing in-soles against which, I hasten to add, he was most adamant - until he saw the size of the spurs and in which direction they were growing - towards my achilles tendon.

Anyway, before I saw him I found a brilliant site with excellent daily and sports use insoles - an English firm called Dr Foot and you can order on their website. See what you think and if you need anymore info talk to me - I am dealing with tendonitis on a daily basis.

Good luck

Sara :-)


Hi Sara

Ouch - just reading what you have writen makes me a little nausious. But thanks for sharing what has worked for you (I'll definitely look at their site).

Hope all works out well for you - check out the advice below from pingle (this stretch looks like one of the dozen or so my hubby is having to do too) - and happy running!


I have no advice, only sympathy. I am so sorry to hear about this set-back. Please keep in mind that that is all that it is, a set-back!! Nurse yourself back to health and give a quality heel insert a try, I am sure that you will find a way to take care of this!!

Best Wishes for a quick return!! :-)



Hi Steve

Thanks - yes I'm being positive and looking at it as a set back (or rather extended rest day until the weekend).

If all is well on Saturday and there is no tenderness, I'll be armed with a pair of heel inserts (or new trainers) and probably do a 20 minute run to check everything out.

I'm definitely going to cool down stretch too. I might even go as far as the ice pack (but usually avoid ice - unless it's in a G&T - at all costs).


I had problems with my achilles tendon shortly after graduation - mostly caused I think by over enthusiastic pounding up hills. I do sympathise as tendonitis is really painful. Mine might be different to yours as I could barely walk in the morning but it did tend to improve (a bit) over the day. I had to take a few weeks off running (to my great frustration - I'm truly born again on this running lark!) but then found this exercise which I have found brilliant. It did hurt like hell at first so I started very cautiously. I still do it after every run and if I don't stretch out the tendon I find it very tight and painful although not as bad as originally.

I do think the right shoes/insoles will help too. I got some new trainers from a proper running shop which seemed to help. Good luck - let us know how you get on :-)


Hi Pingle, hi Mo.... like you Pingle, I find walking in the morning excruciating BUT... my Bowen Therapist gave me some really great and simple stretches to do BEFORE getting out of bed and they do help. Basically flex and hold the feet (so bringing your toes towards you so the ankle and heel stretch) for the count of 15 then stretch them out with the toes stretching away from you for a count of 15. By the time I've done this about 5 times then walking (while a bit stiff) is nowhere near as painful.

Pingle, a question.... Did you stop running to ease the inflammation? If so what is stopping the inflammation coming back - insoles and stretches???

Unfortunately my tendons are rubbed by heel spurs so not really sure how I'll ever ease the inflammation. LUCKILY they don't hurt when I'm running :-) :-) yaaaayy!! Also, the pain does ease during the day.

Anyway, good luck you two... remember Dr Foot - they have both daily wear and sports insoles and people seem to recommend them highly. A British company so postage not expensive :-). I had to have special insoles made to take the burden off the heel and I use those now in my trainers. No idea whether it will make a difference but they do say it takes about 3 weeks for them to take effect - we'll see.

Cheers, Sara :-)


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