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Week 9 and beyond cream crackered update

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hi folks , sorry not been on , but have since july suffered 4 injuries , one after the other keeping me off the road . I wasn't over training etc , in fact I had dropped my runs to twice a week as I was feeling the pace . anyway from there it was just a downward spiral really , I gave each injury as it happened 2 or 3 weeks before running again , all nice and gentle like , you know ? 5 minute blocks then see how you feel etc . but the injuries kept on coming . Anyway its been nearly 3mths since anything proper attempted but this past week or so ive been doing 10 minute jogs just to see how it all is and everything still feels so tight even after stretching , but hey a run is a run right ? I was taken ill during the week , being sick and other stuff so wife gets me up drs who then sends me to hospital etc and end up having to have a camera inserted , blah blah blah . turns out ive got bowel cancer for petes sake and got to have a ct scan next week to see how bad it is [how bad can it get I think] ,so the last few days have been a very weird time for me , up , down ,all sorts of stuff really . I've dodged all sorts of bullets over the last 10 yrs with my health etc, cos something thing was gonna get me ,but didn't expect this . which was a god send when I found c52k . I completed it easily after a very hard 1st 3weeks and with some lovely ppl giving me good advice [you know who you are ] , from wk 4 I absolutely smashed it . I'm still gonna keep on running for as long as I can whilst this is going on , as I do believe a strong spirit wont be enough without a strongish body. will keep you all posted as and when . don't know why I felt the need to tell you all really but hey its out there now . will chat soon . thanks for taking the time to read

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Ah doubletap, I've been waiting for those cream cracker updates but am truly sorry to hear your dreadful news. I am glad you are getting some runs in, i hope they bring you some comfort as they are not only good for the body but the mental state as well. Wishing you all the best health.

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doubletapGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

thanks a lot there will be more updates esp as I'm now gonna become a force of nature lol

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Its good to hear from you doubletap, I am really sorry to hear you are ill. I wish you all the best with the CT scan next week. It sounds like you have persevered through all this time and still got back to running, not many people can manage that, not me, I think you can use that to your advantage and beat this cancer. Try and not worry about what you can't control this week. Sorry I cant offer more than much love and hope that the scan goes as well as it can!

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hi, I don't know you ... seems like you got injured around when I started ... but you sound pretty strong and a force of nature indeed. I wish you the very best on your journey ahead.

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Hi doubletap

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Treatment for this type of cancer is excellent in the UK. My dad was diagnosed 6 years ago, had a year of very good treatment and was back to full health pretty quickly.

Keeping up whatever amount of running you can will be good for mind and body. But don't be too hard on yourself if it has to go on hold at some point. Take as best care of yourself as possible, and if that means rest then do rest. My dad swears that his positive mental outlook to his illness contributed hugely to his good recovery and reaction to treatment.

All the best to you,


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Sorry you’ve had such awful news! Be strong we are all thinking of you!

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You are the storm, doubletap. Best wishes for your CT scan and any subsequent treatment. Take care 🙏🏽

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