Couch to 5K

Yipee just finished week 9 run three!!!

Made me laugh when Laura says " you have been running for 2 months...." in my case it took 6 months to get from couch to 5 km (well more like 3.5km the pace I go at!), got there in the end and am very proud, I struggled to run for 90seconds and here I am joggin for 30 mins- if I can do it (middle aged with Lupus, mother of one, who works full time, and is overweight!) trust me YOU CAN!

So my question is- whats next- is there a tried and tested podcast that I can use to either speed me up (LOL) or extend my 30 mins to perhaps an hour? Any advice from those who have graduated would be helpful.

Keep on pounding the streets.

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I would think the first thing on the list would be a new screen name! That one seems most inappropriate 8-)

Well done on the excellent achievement.

I kept doing week 9 for a while just to consolidate and let it sink in that I actually done it!


Well done on graduating :)

There is a new podcast due out which aims to take you to achieving the 5K in 30 minutes, due out in May.


Well done with your achievement, congratulations with all your running - long may it continue!!!


Congratulations on graduating & getting your fully deserved graduate badge.

We've got some new podcasts coming soon to help you with running technique and possibly to speed you up. Follow Laura's posts for updates on that. We've also got a 'strength and flexibility' podcast series in the pipeline.



congratulations :)

I carried on with week 9 for a few weeks til I felt ok with running 30mins then I aimed for 5k which took me up to about 37mins then after a few months needed a challenge again & did bridge to 10k. I also tried to do an interval run every couple of weeks.

good luck. you have come so far :)


Congratulations! Keep running for 30 minutes about three times a week to consolidate and then hopefully the new podcasts will be out :)




Congratulations, and as others have said, just keep up running for 30 minutes 3 times a week :)


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