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Any injuries picked up from doing the C25K?

Has anyone picked up any niggling injuries since starting the programme? I've developed a pain in my heel bone on the bottom of my right foot which started around week 2 and I've also got a pain in the top of my left hip which developed later into the programme. Both are niggling. I'm stretching my foot by standing on a step and allowing my heel to drop down but it still hurts with normal walking (funnily enough not when I'm running!)

The hip is slightly worse and I feel it running and walking.

Has anyone got any advice? I'd be gutted now if I had to stop running! 😤

Thanks 😃🏃‍♀️

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Yep, loads of people pick up injuries as their body starts to use muscles that haven't see much action for a long time.

My first thought is your running shoes. Are they proper running shoes that fit you properly and support your feet. If they are and you've done the whole gait analysis thing, then perhaps it's time to get some professional help. It's never a good idea to keep running on an injury because, just like a car making an odd noise, these things rarely resolve themself. Maybe a trip to the GP or a sports physio/therapist is called for. Good luck

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Thanks AncientMum. Yes, I've done the gait analysis and have a good pair of running shoes but I had the heel problem before I had the gait analysis. The chap in the shop said to do lots of stretches.

The hip problem has come on recently.

I will certainly get some help probably from a physiotherapist. I used one once for a frozen shoulder and he was fantastic.

Thanks again.


Sounds like plantar faciitis in the foot, stretch foot, achilles, calves, hamstrings (it's all connected) IT band, in general it all may need a good stretching, when your warmed up of course, so you need to concentrate on stretching/strengthening all the bottom half and your core.

I get some niggles including a bit of mild plantar in the right foot which comes and goes, and knee pain, (so have been doing some wall sits for strengthening the knees), so I keep it on the move and stretching even when sitting, luckily it doesn't bother me much when running, btw too much sitting doesn't bode well.

If your unsure about what too do, then maybe worth paying a visit to a physio for advice..

This site is quite good and shows how to do various excercises and stretches..


Thanks davelinks for the link. I'm going to give those stretches a go. I so don't want to stop running!! 😉


Good to hear it! There's a pinned post on here of stretching, and excercises for plantar like rolling a ball or can under the foot may help..Have a read up about planter faciitis..😊


Think I did read something but didn't follow it up. Wanted to ask on here first to see if anyone had an idea. Thanks again davelinks.

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