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I did it. I did it. I...........DID.............IT! And easily too. I went out in the pouring rain and thick fog, convinced I would fail big time. And now I'm back, wet and muddy and triumphant. I can honestly say I had no problem either. I was terrified of this run, I've had sleepless nights over it, and it was a breeze. HAPPY, HAPPY ME! :-D

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Brilliantly done!!! You are now more than halfway to that coveted "Graduate" badge!! Enjoy this feeling and your success!! YOU DID IT!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Very Well Done!!!

This run broke through the mental barrier for me & hopefully will have done the same for you.

You've just done the big step up - the next increases are just a bit at a time.

It also made me start believing in the programme - I felt as though it had got me ready, even though I didn't believe it!!

Keep it up - nearly there



Fantastic well done, running in the rain and the fog would you have believed you could do that 5 weeks ago. Not long now until you graduate will done and keep going :-D


So very well done! I knew you could do it! No worries from here on, you know your body is ready as long as you can keep the gremlins away. Warm up, rest and celebrate! Week 6 is ready to welcome you! BRILLIANT!!!! :-) Gayle


Well done. Fog and rain running a sign of a true addict ??This was the point I started to think wow I can actually run. Good luck with the rest of the program


Woohoo :) We all seem to have had that feeling on that run, it's the one we dreaded, but the one we loved. Congratulations, continue enjoying running :)


Fantastic! So good to hear other people making such great strides and that I'm not the only one who worries over the next run!

Awesome effort!


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