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Week 5, Run 3 - In Your Face!

Well I promised I would update my blog as soon as I finished and here I am, still sweaty with my heart beating very fast...and I did it!! :)

Must admit could have cheerfully strangled Laura when she chirped that I had run for 5 minutes!! But having said that when she said I had done 15, I knew I was going to do it and every step felt like a downward run to the line!

It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I just found it a bit boring. I will stick with Laura for Week 6 and then maybe think about sorting out my own music, as I feel that will be a bit more inspiring for me.

Good luck to my fellow Week Fivers who are doing run 3 tomorrow. You Can Do It! :) xx

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Well done Sue! Yes, you need to sort out a play list . I shall do so before starting week 8 otherwise I shall risk faling asleep :-D


Wondeful news, well done! I am on week 7 and just thinking about sorting my own music. There's no stopping you now.

S x


Well done you!!! :-) See how easy peasy that was? ;-) you will soon grow to love the longer runs compared to the run/walks of the program. I'm sure Laura won't mind getting dumped, onward to another newbie!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to week 6!!! Gayle


Thanks guys. Can't believe I managed it with no issues. Onwards to week 6 on Monday! :)



keep on going!

Having a play list is one of those things a real runner has :-)

fingers crossed for a good start to week 6.



Wonderfully done, Sue!! I love the "In Your Face" attitude!! Keep that attitude up and you will be shining that wonderful "Graduate" badge before you know it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done Sue!!

i completed my week 5 run 3 as well today and it was a great feeling when Laura chirps up with 15 minutes only 5 to go....i thought i had only ran for ten mins xx

well done everyone, keep up the good work

bring on week 6 x


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