W5R3 - In your face!

W5R3 - In your face!

Like most others before me, I felt a bit reticent about today's run. So much so that I enquired whether my mobile felt like doing it for me. Let me tell you that Cortana has quite a mouth on her!! (my company, in their wisdom, recently switched to Windows phones).

As to the run itself, the first couple of minutes didn't feel great but once I got into a rhythm, it was fine and I never felt like I was going to have to stop. If anything, I felt stronger at the end than I did at the start and would have gone a bit further if I hadn't already reached the end of my planned route.

Before this week, I hadn't ran non-stop for more than 5 mins (after which I was probably begging for a walking break). I am not quite sure how this program works but there has to be magic involved.

Up until now, lunchtime has been my preferred time for running but today's weather forecast showed 23C, I thought it better to avoid that so I went about 9:30 and really enjoyed the conditions even if I was a bit 'sticky' before my shower.

Week 6 starts on Friday, and as much as I enjoyed today, I am very much looking forward to my (few remaining) walking breaks.


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22 Replies

  • That's absolutely wonderful. In my time before when I attempted couch to 5k I remember the dread of that run and then doing it. It feels so great. I'm glad it was so good for you. Good lluck with week 6!

  • Thanks LAP, appreciated.

    Read your post about your injury. Rotten luck.

  • Yes! Well done Dunder that's brilliant. And a good pace too!

  • Thanks IP.

    btw. Your new shoes should (must, really) be Atomic Blue.

  • No no another decision.....

  • Go Dunder you did good :) . The longer runs are somehow easier than the shorter runs, you seem to get in a rhythm and just run. Reward yourself at lunchtime and enjoy your day.

    Careful of week 6 it can feel a little like a set back :) You can do it. Happy running

  • Thanks Stef.

    Mrs. Dunder is experimenting with home prepared sushi for lunch. I am keeping my mouth 100% shut but I am more nervous about that than I was about W5R3 ;)

  • Brilliant! Well done Dunder, great pace too. No stopping you now. :-)

  • Thanks OG. Hope you're right!

  • Well done - I think this run is one of the hardest. It seems a huge leap. But like you say through some kind of C25K magic - we can do it!

    You're over halfway now and graduation is just around the corner.

  • Thanks Sarah.

    It feels that way but I won't get complacent. Just gonna keep on plodding for the next four weeks and hopefully avoiding injury.

  • Great - well done! It's good to see you complete the infamous W5R3 at last. It's not exactly plain sailing from here on, but you've broken the back of it. Enjoy!

  • Thanks Steve.

    I won't be taking week 6 lightly. I have read too many tales of woe for that.

  • Nah - people just whinge about how the first two runs are harder than they expected, because they think intervals make it easier. I think in some ways they make it harder - starting again after a walk can be difficult. You'll smash it.

  • I agree. I did week 1 run 1 on Monday and it nearly killed me :)

  • Wow, look at you go !! Blink and we'll miss you :-) Well done Dunder ! That is a pace I could only dream of !

    Absolutely marvellous ! Looking forward to reading of your progress . Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pug.

    For the time being 7:00 min/Km appears to be my 'cruising pace'. I am not aiming for that, or anything for that matter, it just seems to be where I am at.

  • Excellent stuff Dunder. Smashed that one! It's a fantastic feeling, doing that first 20-minute run and realising what you've become capable of doing in a few short weeks - the programme really works.

  • Thanks TT.

    Agree 100%.

  • Excellent dunder! CONGRATULATIONS! 😊

  • Thanks ali.

  • I definitely agree about the magic. I finished my third run of week 5 today - and it really does feel amazing since I have not run anywhere in about thirty years. I might take a couple of days to recover this time though. My run has two hills at the beginning and these are good for teaching me to pace myself. It does not matter how slow you go - it is still running.

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