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Ha! In your face, demons!!

Having felt pretty low after being defeated on Friday by week 6 run 3, over the weekend I had pretty much convinced myself I was not cut out for this and almost gave up! Then I sneaked up on myself tonight and forced myself to go for a run. I did the 25 mins without too much difficulty (although not exactly easy) I even managed to up the pace for the last minute.

I am so glad I am back on track.

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Great work - keep going, you will get there!


Hurrah! You got the better of those demons! No easy thing.

'without too much difficulty (although not exactly easy)' sounds just fine!

Honestly, keep going to the end of week 9 (plod if you need to!), and then you can luxuriate in doing your own thing, going slower, faster, shorter, longer... Don't go giving up, now you've done the hardest bit!


I'm glad you kicked that dratted gremlin to the curb!!! :-) The program is not easy and challenges most of us couch taters, but it is doable and you will never, ever regret giving it a go and completing it!! :-) Well done for facing your demon! Gayle


Those bloody demons get everywhere! Had a few on my shoulder as well tonight!

Well done, between us all we'll eradicate the little s*ds! :-)


Oh well done for hanging in there! It can be so hard at times but now you know you can face those demons and succeed. Yaaaaay!


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