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W5R3 done and I cried!!!!

Up at 5 to complete week 5 before heading out to work. Was a little apprehensive but just kept telling myself slow and steady will do the trick.

I DID IT!!!!!! And when Laura said just think 5 weeks ago you never thought you would be able to do this I just burst into tears. Happy and disbelief tears. I DID IT!!!!!

I know my pace was super slow but so what I ran for 20 minutes and for now that is good enough.

For all you lurkers and newbies out there just do it, believe in the plan, listen to Laura and go for it.

Roll on week 6

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Excellent, huge congratulations, that a giant milestone within C25K completed.

Best of Luck with W6.



You are fantastic! Congratulations. Slow and steady is the way there.


Well done. My planned 20 min run is tomorrow. Terrified to be honest but encouraged by your success


Congratulations - you know you can get to the end of the programme when you've done that one! :)


Brilliant - I well remember that nasty section of the schedule. Well done you - you'll be graduating before you know it ... get the tissues ready :) Linda x


Well done! It is a huge achievement and I can totally understand the tears of joy and disbelief ;)


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