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W5R3 - It's all in your mind!

I did it!!

I was really tentative before I started Week 5, knowing that I have the 20 min run coming up in Run 3. Almost sure that I won't be able to run all of 20 mins, I was desperately looking for inspiration from this forum. Boy, are you guys good at it --.almost everyone telling "It's all in your mind, stupid! You can do it!". And here I am, content knowing that I can run for 20 mins non-stop!

Besides the fact that I managed to complete the run, I had two other positives to carry from this run.

1. I have this steep ramp in my regular route. I almost always walk this. Whenever I find myself jogging while I approach the ramp, I take a diversion that takes me down from there instead of up. Yes, this time I continued on the steep ramp and managed to continue running!

2. Running the regular route also helped me measure my speed. 15 mins for the 2 kms circuit, makes my jogging speed 8 kms per hr ( 5miles per hr)!

BTW, Laura suggests at the end of the podcast that it is a good idea to repeat the Week 5, before going ahead with Week 6. I want to know how many of you have done that..

For those of you who are approaching this milestone - if you have come this far, you are definitely prepared for it. All it takes, is to believe that you can do it!

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congratulations :) a fantastic achievement & I bet you now feel as if the rest is possible. well done. personally I didnt repeat week 5. I just got on with it but if you feel that you would like to repeat the week then do so. it is entirely up to you & how you feel. next week goes back to intervals so you should be fine.

good luck with the rest of the plan. shelley x


Wooohoooo GO YOU! Well done! :) I'll have this to do on Friday, but because I haven't read ahead to what each week entails I had no idea that a repeat of week 5 was suggested! Will watch your space to see how many others like Shelly have skipped the advice ... cos I reckon that week 5 has been spooky enough and the thought of repeating it might psyche me right back out of the zone! Eeeeek. Linda X

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Absolutely fantastic achievement . Very well done of running up the ramp too. :-) I didn't repeat week5 either, but then I must have missed that advice.LOL But it's not a race and if you feel the need to repeat then go ahead and do so. Its all down to personal choice.

Best of luck with week6 :-)


I didn't repeat it either (and don't remember Laura saying that either) - if you can run up ramps I think you should be fine with week 6! Unless you want to do week 5 again, but I don't really see the point.

Run Carrot Run!


I didn't repeat it either nor do I remember hearing that advice - I was probably too busy punching the air and patting myself on the back!

As everyone says, repeat if you feel like you need to. I think if I had felt that it had taken every last ounce of strength to finish the 20 minutes I might have been tempted to but truth be told, after all my fear about doing it I knew I still had a bit of reserve in the tank!


Congratulations! I would say move on and give week 6 a try! Be prepared, sometimes we think after coming from a 20 minute run the intravels will be easy...Not! Go slow and you will be fine. Enjoy the journey! :-) Gayle


I don't have this lovely Laura, I use an App (C25K on iphone) which is not as chatty so I only get the run/walk/half way prompts but none of the tips. I like this forum for all the tips. Doesn't time fly. You're over half way now!


I repeated week 5, because I only managed 18 minutes of run 3 before needing a (very short) walk. Repeating the week, and completing the r3 properly meant I had the confidence to go on to week 6.

I think the thing about repeating the week is advice for if you've not managed to complet all the runs properly. If you have done them and it's all gone to plan, then move on to the next week in the sure knowledge that You Can Do This! :)


Hi CouchCarrot

Well done! I just did this run tonight so feel your joy. I so agree about it being a mental thing.

I also never heard the advice about repeating w5 and will just be moving on to W6.

A good sleep for us all now :-)


Ah! I will pretend I didn't hear Laura and move on to Week 6 ;)


Hey, well done! It's a great feeling, such a barrier to break through! I didn't repeat week 5 (I obviously wasn't listening to Laura either, too busy texting everyone I know, lol) and I reckon if you've completed week 5 and not struggled too much, then you're fine to progress onto week 6. My only advice would be that almost everyone seems to have struggled with W6R1, after the dizzy heights of W5R3, going back to intervals is tough (weirdly) and that 20 minute run has taken its toll on you. I should have taken an extra rest day before I tackled week 6 because I was in agony and it really knocked my confidence :(. I rested up and got through the rest of the week no worries. The programme never gets easier, but it does stay achievable.


Thanks for the tip. It is a little weird that interval running becomes difficult after doing the full 20 mins! If I don't feel upto it after 2 days, I will rest for another day or two.


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