First postgrad run in the pouring rain

What a mess! Pouring down with rain here in Italy -- not drizzle but cats and dogs -- and off I want after a day's work to the park to run my traditional 30 minute run. All my kits were to be laundered -- only got back from UK yesterday and have lectured all bloomin' day -- so I put on gigantic bright red shiny (read ugly) track suit I found at the bottom of a cupborad -- gigantic as in 3 sizes too big and me dad's wonderful cloth cap. 4pm and getting dark. No idea how far I was running, don't have a Garmin yet but I know it's around 4. something K so i ran a bit further than usual. Scary. I was almost the only person there. One very attractive young gentleman was joggin backwards - yes backwards -- down a pesky slope. He was wearing a sort of headband like boxers wear - never seen one of them before. Girls -- and there was I in a red tent. Grump.

Plus playlist -- Mitts, Laura has been banished from my playlist! Couldn't play the list. It was raining, it didn't play automatically so in the pouring rain with a slipper touch pad I had to try and play them one by one. So I got Maroon 5's payphone twice, finger slipped! So it was One Direction, Call me maybe, Come on Eilleen (twice) Carrie Anne -- blimey the lyrics are a bit mmm well, you know teacher/pupil stuff, hadn't noticed that before. Whatever, I could have easily Kept on running :-)


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15 Replies

  • Well done or getting out there again.

    I just went out and did 5k - it wasn't a good 5k (and I did walk twice which was disappointing!!), but it was 5k in just over 36 mins.

    Gives me something to improve on!!!

    I ditched Laura too - I put too many songs for my run onto a playlist & hit shuffle so I didn't know what was coming next :-) Seemed to work well, I think I'll just stick with that & keep adding songs.

    (Used MapMyRunon my phone to tell me how far / long I had been running for)

  • Like me, my phone isn't smart :-) But thanks ffor the advice!

  • Ah I knew we could rely on our Italian correspondent to keep up the style standards of the forum :-P

    Well done, I dont run with music anymore so havent got that problem. I might start using it again next weekend on my longer run, its been so long since I did a "longer" run what with weekends away/parkruns and charity events!

  • Well Deryn I believe real runners don't use music either, so you are indeed a real runner and a star! Good on you!

  • You know in your last blog Delia, you mentioned how your body had a really nice shape now and talk of no more pork scratchings - then I read this! Out in a shiny, red, huge tent AND a flat cap!!!!! Now I know it was getting dark, other stuff was in the wash etc etc but really, you need to have an emergency supply for emergency situations - like attractive, hot men/rugby players/males in general!!! You go grump away.......!

    Seriously though, good on ya for getting out in the pouring rain; hope your new shoes are not too sodden!

    Sue x

  • hahahahaha ! I must have looked dreadful! Yes, my new shoes are sodden too. I must get some new gear for such emergencies! xox

  • You ladies make me laugh! :-) Delia, I can just imagine you out there dressed in your 3X too big bright red outfit while trying to catch some of that eye candy! ;-) I must say, you have better scenic views then I do in my area. :-) Running in the rain is something we have yet to experience. We will be facing snow probably by Christmas time. I have a sounds like santa needs to bring you some new running gear to fit your new body. :-)

  • Chance would be a fine thing! I have two girls in college, not as expensive as US but pretty much, but I'm sure Santa can mangage a thing ot two under the Christmas tree!

  • Oo you are good! Two very good excuses not to go out, rain and no running gear! Well done Deliaitaly!

  • Wow, an own music run, how did it compare to Laura?? Are you going to do any of the 5K+ podcasts? I was surprised after having 3-4 weeks with my own music, how pleased I was to be out running with Laura again :-)

    I'm still cross-trainering, knee is being stubborn and I'm not going to risk anything by running on it too soon. 'Going to the gym' is a whole new experience... :-D

    You sounded a bit like Santa yourself in your red outfit... slimline Santa maybe!

  • Hiya Mitts. I used to go to an all female was OK.

    I loved my own music run! I'll do another tomorrow, or again I might start the stepping stones, we'll see!

    That red track suit is horrendous :-(

  • Delia, it is sod's law to meet a good looking chap when you are looking your worst. I don't want to bump into anyone when I'm running, I'm sure I permanently look like I'm about to keel over (I certainly sound that way, with all the puffing and panting and heavy breathing)!

    I'm not sure if I should congratulate you more for running in the rain or for dressing as coco the clown :-) Either way, well done you! x

  • Yesterday I ran in my skin tight gear and actually enjoyed being overtaken by the upteenth hunk! Pity I can't run as fast though -- do you think they ignore Laura's rant "It's not about speed, it's about distance?" or are they real athletes? Who knows, but they're all running when I'm out, however I'm dressed!

  • When someone speeds by me, and some of them seem as fast as leopards, I content myself with the idea that they probably aren't doing it for long.

  • hee hee hee ;-)

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