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Woohoo! I did it! Week 9, run 3 in the pouring rain!

Wow! Am so happy! Can't believe I've actually gone and done it! I was lieing in bed at 5.30 and listening to the rain pouring down thinking, really? I'm gonna have to do my graduation run in this? And as it got nearer to my run time the rain got heavier...

But, I've never missed a run and this one wasn't going to be my first so I got out there and did it. It wasn't the best of runs but I did enjoy running in the puddles!

If anyone thinks that it's not possible to do this, please think again. This plan is the cats pyjamas, it got me out running 3 times a week and I hadn't run in over 15 years! I haven't lost any weight but I know I've toned up and I'm feeling so much more energised and fit.

I'm gonna carry on with my runs and work on my speed and maybe work towards 10k, gulp...!

Anyway, here's to the next run!

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Woo hoo well done, graduating is a fantastic achievement, keep up the good work and go for that 10k you can do it :-)


Thanks! You know? I've read so many posts where people have talked about getting the graduate badge but never took notice coz I never thought I'd get that far...! How do I get it?! :)


Congratulations! It's a terrific achievement.

Good luck with the new running goals - try the 5k+ podcasts, which are also very good.

Best way to get the badge is to click on 'Help' at top right, then 'Email Us'.


Mine appeared fairly quickly, I think you send a message to admin but to be honest I can't remember, I'm sure someone brighter than me will be able to advise you. Sorry :-)


and huge smiles from over here - you really went and did it - a massive well done......

.... enjoy your morning & I will write some more when I am more awake.....


Well done! You're making me feel bad as I set my alarm for 5.30am this morning too but never got up! Hopefully I'll do my graduation run after work tonight. Congratulations again and keep running :-)


Oh! I didn't get up at 5.30, I got up at 6.15, I just lay in bed cursing the rain from 5.30 onwards! I got absolutely drenched! Good luck for your graduation run tonight, haven't we gotten far?! :)


More awake now - so a massive well done & I hope you are quite rightly feeling proud of yourself. and I know what you mean about thinking of reasons not to run too - but equally not wanted to miss one, especially not this one.

Amazing to think that just a few weeks ago running - well what's all that about?... and now it's all a part of your weekly life.

So - keep going & good luck with the 10k training - make sure you keep posting your blogs to let us all know how you are getting on.

Happy Running

Oh - and cats pyjamas?...


Well, I was going to say the dogs b******ks but polite company and all.....!

Thanks for the comments, yes, am feeling pretty proud and excited too. Off to Spain in a couple of weeks so will have some lovely new places to run, the waterfront is calling me....! :)


Well done little kiwi ... warm fuzzies from another one living here in the UK. Congratulations upon graduation and for your ambition to reach 10K too .... don't know if I'll aim for that but, who knows, one day maybe ... :D

BTW, I'm only just starting to lose weight now, some weeks after graduation and on a reduced diet too - it does happen - eventually!

Cheers Linda x


Many congrats to you! It rained on my grad run, and howled a gale so I could hardly hear Laura, but I will remember it with pride for ever!


Congratulations. Wonderful isn't it?


Well done ! You did it ! Yah :-)

Can't wait to see your shiny new badge. There's no way you could of missed your last run, even for torrential down pours lol

Again, well done. Who cares you it wasn't the greatest runs. You've more than proved yourself with your 5k and good times you've been doing recently. Its weird we don't even know each other and im so proud of you lol.

Good going on completing the programme :-)


The feeling is mutual! Actually, I have you to thank for actually getting out, was dithering while I had my glass of water and read a post you'd made on my last blog wishing me luck for my graduation run, so thought, right...I'm off!

Good luck on your grad run! I am off out tonight for a celebratory glass of champagne, the babysitter should be arriving any minute....:)


Iv'e still one more to do, I missed my Thursday run with a 12 hour shift at work, so its going to be Monday before I graduate, unless I cant contain myself and sneak out 2moro for a cheeky extra run, :-O

Hope you enjoy your champers, it's well deserved.


Well done you! Another graduate :) I'm hoping to join the list on Thursday. Doing wk 9 r2 on Sunday... I need 2 days in between to recover as my legs still feel like lead and my run is rubbish if I only have one day off. Congratulations on getting there, and in filthy weather!


Well done. Enjoy your running in Spain. Sunday's my big day. Husband has fizz chilling already!


I took a good soaking, as per my avatar, too as wet, wet, wet this morning but the last 2 days had been a struggle as running on ice yesterday and had a few whoah moments before recapturing my balance and the day before I was running on crunchy snow but occasional pockets of black ice. I will take a good heavy downpour any day. Unlike you this was my best run so far. Congrats.

This reply might be 5 years apart but seriously yours could have been this morning in the same village as rained a lot.


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