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I've done it!!!

I did Week 9 Run 3 this morning! It was very tempting to stay in bed this morning but when I reminded myself that it was the big one I knew I had to get up and do it :)

I ran a little bit less than the last run- ran 4.17km rather than 4.29km on the previous run but I do have a cold coming on so maybe that's the reason.

I'm trying to decide what to do next- suggestions?

Also I would like to say thank you to everyone who posts on this forum. Without reading all of your experiences and motivational comments I'm not sure I would have got to this stage. I'm recommending the C25K podcasts as well as this forum to everyone I know!

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Fantastic! Congratulations. I just finished too and have downloaded stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts. Not tried them yet though. I think the main thing is just keep running!


Well done! I think I'll have a listen to those podcasts too and see what they're about.


Congratulations and welcome to the Graduate Club! You must feel very proud so enjoy the moment and celebrate in style!

There are the podcasts Mabbers mentions which a lot go on to do or you could work on aiming to get to 5k; it really depends on how much you require a structured programme to keep your motivation going as I think that is the key.

Enjoy your continued running journey! Sue


Thank you! :)

I think maybe I'll try week 9 again to see if I can get up to 5k and then if I get bored of that move on to something else


Congratulations - come & join the party!!!! :-)

A fantastic achievement


Thank you very much! :)


I'd like to join everyone else in congratulationg you too. I'm plannign to run my final wk9 run3 tomorrow morning and like you i'm unsure as to where to go yet.

I thought i'd be desparate to say goodbye to laura but know the moments near i'm not too sure.

I'd be keen to hear more about the other podcasts and which ones do what. I think I'm averaging 5k for each run at the moment but would like the structure of someone in the background keeping a check on me.


I like the structure of the 5k+ stepping stones and it has made a difference to my speed and my fitness. I'm running 5k but using the speed podcast once a week and the stepping stones one the rest of the time. I'm gradually getting my speed up but also feeling much stronger while I'm running which is lovely! I'm actually starting to enjoy my running now! Good luck for all you nearly graduates and new graduates! :)


Well done you :o)

I tried the Stepping Stones podcast once I graduated but I am such a slow runner that they were just a step too far for me.

I have gone back to some of the earlier podcasts and am just going to work through them at a faster pace and keep doing that until I get nearer to the 5k - they got me to the 30 minutes so I'm sure they will eventually get me to the 5k, even if I do have to go through them about 3 times ;-)

Enjoy your achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself :-)


CONGRATULATIONS! All wonderful suggestions from the fellow runners! Regardless what you choose, wishing you only the best and continued running success! :-) Gayle


Congratulations and wonderfully done, Hello!!

You have had many suggestions so far and I can only add one more...




Thank you all so much for your suggestions and congratulations messages!

How many times a week do you run now? I run 3 times a week and I'm tempted to do more but if I find it too much I'm worried I'll give up full stop!


Hello_run-many Congratulations! Well done! Go for stepping stones first-it is structured and after having 9 weeks of structure you need it. Then comes speed-which I love as it is interval running, graduating upward speeds. I read that you should not do this programme more than once a week, as it is intense on the body. If you listen to Laura, and do as she says, it is. Stamina comes next-which I found grueling, and injured my left knee, so out of it right now. Not good having had 9 days off for cough and cold. They are all good preparation for you to run correctly, so don't miss out on them by thinking they are not for you. Have fun!

Go get your shiny badge, Graduate.

Keep on Running!!!! :-)


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