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Just graduated tonight and blogging for the first time - hopefully I can inspire some people to keep going like so many of you inspired me!!

Hi there c25kers!

So I've been lurking all through my c25k experience and decided that right now, a few hours after graduating was time for my first blog post!

I was hoping to inspire some people who are maybe struggling with the programme to go on, just as I was in the beginning, because I am living proof that it works! I started with a friend in August, I was very overweight (obese I think!) and unfit. I tried the programme before but don't think I got past week 2 for some reason (but at least I had some trainers already!) and this time around starting with a friend kept me going a bit longer. When I got to Week 2 (I think it's when I forced myself to heel strike, bad idea!) I had huuuuuuuuuuge problems with calf pain! (hence the name!) and I really didn't think I could go on. The only post I've actually made was asking for advice about my calves! they caused me big problems right up until week 5, when I finally felt I could go running without taking painkillers first!

I've probably got so much I can say but just want to say - woo, I'm proud of myself! And if you're struggling with anything (especially calf pain, I know a lot of us get it) keep going, you can do it!

The programme took me 3 months instead of 9 weeks due to various problems and I moved to southern Spain in week 5 (going from the mild English September to 40 degree heat took a bit of adjusting!) I've been ill and had various aches and pains but... I did it!

I feel like I'm rambling now but... I hope this can inspire some people!

A question for graduates... what now? I guess first I want to get my 5k time down, my graduation run was 5k and it took 40 minutes.... I just think I'm going to get bored! Are the c25k+ podcasts any good? Can anyone recommend B210k podcasts (that are free)?

Thanks for reading my ramble and good luck to one and all!

(oh also, how to get that shiny green badge? ;) )

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You can get your badge by sending a message to JR21... Find him using this link.

You can tell the world using various clothing emblazoned with the C25K Graduate logo from myself

using this link...


Wow - what a great blog and journey. To have done this in the middle of a move to another country is awesome. Now you're set to carry on. The stepping stone, speed and stamina podcasts are great for post 5K - And I totally empathise with your goal of getting your 5K time down. How are the calves now? ;-)


oh yeah - I guess I could have mentioned that bit! my calves are (touch wood) absolutely fine now, and since around week 5 or 6 they have just hurt what I guess is a normal amount after a run, rather than a searing pain during every run!

thanks for the recommendation! how long have you been graduated? what was your 5k time on graduation and what is it now? i feel like we're all so obsessed with times when we should be just proud of doing it, but I still want that elusive 5k in 30 minutes, I guess it is the name of the programme after all haha


Congratulations! At grad time, one month ago, I could run 30 minutes but not do a 5K distance. Since grad time, I have been running 5Ks and like you, my first one was just shy of 40 minutes. Tonight my 5K was 37 minutes which I'm OK with because we had hills and wind. I think the 5K podcast sound great and will eventually do all of them. So far I tried stepping stones once. Wishing you continued running success!! Gayle


Congratulations ouchmycalves! Happy, happy running :-)


Well done to you, sounds like bit of an ordeal to get here so that will make it all the more special :-)

I also graduated by running 30 minutes rather than 5k and am quite a way off it so that is my new goal!

I did try the stepping stone podcast which sounded great, but it was just way to fast a pace for me so I have gone back to some of the old podcasts and am repeating them at a faster pace - it's proving to be a challenge and reminds me why I was running so slowly but it has been achievable because my general level of fitness is better - and I actually feel like a runner now rather than a plodder :-)


Congratulations ouchmycalves - a terrific achievement - well done


Congratulations ouchmy calves. Should add to completerunner's direction how to get your badge go into Directory (at the top of this page), then admin which will automatically take you to the blog. it takes two weeks to arrive, but well worth the wait,and you get a message of congratulation from John :-).

Go to Stepping stones first-this sets you up for speed and stamina. It is a bit of a shock as it is fast, but do it a few times, and you'll get the knack. I don't recommend missing out on it as the lessons learned are invaluable, as all the programmes are. Download them all then, when you have the hang of stepping stones you can graduate onto speed. Advised not to do speed more than once a week, because of the intensity. It's fun-and I enjoyed it. I did stamina for the first time on Wednesday, and managed to muck up my left knee-so no running for me until it's healed.

Well done on completing the programme and moving to sunny Spain-oh, and welcome to the blog family :-)


Hi Ouchmycalves.... Brilliant to keep plugging on... A while ago CaroleC kindly posted a link to dropbox where she had made all the Sam Murphy b210k podcasts available. Anyway, the other day i re-posted it because I've been on the same search and I'd seen someone's post mentioning it. My google search brought me back to old posts here! Sooooo i can always re-post if you like :-). Well done again and congratulations, Sara :-)


Congratulations,ouchmycalves. It's a great feeling. Graduated last week and still feeling very pleased with myself. Keep on running. Jan


Congratulations - it's a great achievement, isn't it? Well done :)


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