I'm slower than the mighty Mo Farah, but I still graduated today!!

I'm slower than the mighty Mo Farah, but I still graduated today!!

I was going to save my graduation run for Monday morning, I thought it would be a good start to the week. However, inspired by Team GB in the athletics last night I decided that today was the day :)

It felt like a really hard run, the breathing took ages to fall into place, but I completed the 30 minutes and the last run of C25K this morning.

I never thought when I did that 1st podcast on 5th June that I would ever make it this far. I was convinced that it wasn't going to work for me. How wrong I was. I really should have had had more faith in myself & the programme.

I'm not fast - myfitnesspal considers my speed to be a brisk walk!! Let me tell you myfitnesspal I AM JOGGING!!! And Mo Farah can run 6 miles in the time it takes me to do 2, but hey, I've got to start somewhere right?

For all of you on this journey, keep up the good work - this programme is AWESOME :D

I'm now going to try and mix things up a bit to try and improve my speed by dabbling with the new podcasts - they came out just in time!!

Happy running everyone x


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  • Congratulations doggymum. You must be so pleased. :) I 'cheat' a bit on mfp and use the slowest jogging pace they have (5.0 mph) when I record my runs, even though I'm going at least 1 mph slower most of the time. I couldn't bring myself to record my runs as 'walking' - I figure that being so overweight, it must balance out, compared to a 'fit' person, lol. Plus, I usually walk at 3.2 mph but record it as 3.0 mph (again, because that's all mfp offers me). However, when I run and take my 'Walk With Me' pedometer with me, it asks if I've been jogging, so that's good enough proof for me. ;)

  • Thanks Legion - I never thought after that 1st podcast I would be able to run for 30 minutes. I'm elated (now I've got my breath back lol) I run/walk at the same speeds as you and it doesn't feel like a brisk walk!! :)

  • Ha.. I am slightly slower than the both of you... but given I am still so overweight it is fast enough for me.. my heart rate can't get much faster without killing me... good job to you both..

  • Congratulations... great feeling isn't it!!

    Today was supposed to be my last run day..I am a few days behind. I had a sick child and had to delay W9R2 and only got it in today so Tuesday will be my last run...

    LOL on the speed. I just started using myfitnesspal this week, and lo and behold just needed to enter the exercise and was put off that I am nowhere in the running category... bleh! So I just entered my time and calories burned given it was the treadmill. However, wondering if it would be more accurate to put in as walking... it showed a greater calorie burn...

  • Thank you!! I was a bit miffed with MFP, it doesn't feel like a brisk walk to me LOL. Good luck for your run on Tuesday :)

  • Congratulations doggymum! :)

  • Thanks Ali :D

  • If 'Walk With Me' says it is jogging then it is!!! ;) I know I could walk at that pace more easily than when I run (I wouldn't feel so knackered either!), so it is definitely jogging/running. :D

  • Good going doggymum!

    Congratulations on graduation!

  • Thanks Grammadog :) How's your training going?

  • Our heat and humidity have been real killers. I'm doing the indoor cycling/swimming thing on the "off" days...that's going pretty well. Like everyone else I suppose, I'd like to be running faster...and farther....but I keep reminding myself I've only been off the couch for 3 months.

  • You are doing SO well Grammadog - you seem to be sooooo busy with exercise you are wearing me out just reading about it :D

    Good luck x

  • congratulations, doggymum. Great to hear you have finished. JR21 should have quite a little crop of us waiting for our badges when he comes to work on Monday morning because I finished Friday and have celebrated all weekend! :)

    I'd be interested to know how you get on with the new podcasts. I listened to them but they seem too fast for me so I'm going to re-do c25k running at my slow speed on the walking parts and speeding up for the running parts and perhaps in 9 weeks' time I'll be ready for 5k+. Happy running :)

  • Thank you!! & well done to you to :D

    I haven't listened to them yet, I want to try to do the same as you by restarting but increasing pace. Maybe I'll try and do a bit of both if the new podcasts sound ok...

  • Well done on graduating! As Laura says, don't worry about speed for now, just concentrate on going the distance and you've proved that you can go the distance. You must be feeling so proud. xxx

  • Thank you - I am soooooo pleased with myself, I really didn't think I had it in me, but these podcasts just make you want to keep on keeping on don't they?!! :)

  • Congratulations! You've done SO well!

  • Thank you - I am so chuffed with myself, especially as OH isn't particularly interested....

  • Woo Hoo!!! Great job you!!! :-) :-)

    Massive congratulations!!

    I log my runs as C25k, they've got some of it on the database on MFP. Sounds better than a brisk walk! :-) :-)

    So happy you got it in over the weekend after your false start. You are amazing. :-)

  • Thank you :D I'm so pleased to have done it.

    Onwards & upwards now :)

  • Congratulations doggymum - you should be so proud of yourself :D :D

    You're a graduate!!!!!!!

  • Thank you :) I know!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! :D

  • Well done on graduating, so many people now receiving their shiny green badge since I started this programme. Happy running/jogging ;)

  • Thank you :)

  • Fantastic - well done you; this will inspire me to keep on running! I am really quite jealous!

  • Thank you! Don't be jealous, you are nearly there yourself :) Good luck for the next run.

  • Well done doggymum, i graduated on friday and it feels amazing doesnt it!

    I watched Mo Farah too and i must say his gold has been my favourite so far, must be kindred spirts lol!!!

    Congrats and keep it up xxxx

  • Thanks Shellieboots - well done to you too!! My 1st post grad run this morning didn't go to well, but whereas before I would've just given up, I know now that I can do it so will be back out trying again tomorrow.

    Happy running :)

  • Well done doggymum! You are an inspiration on the forum and have so much good advice. What are your plans post c25k? I do hope you still drop in and see the rest of us that are still struggling on, we need you!

  • Thank you :) I tried the new Stepping Stone podcast this morning but it was a bit tough for me as it was a lot faster paced than I have been used to - thought I was going to come off the end of the treadmill LOL. Something to work on though :)

    Good luck for the rest of the programme, you are doing really well :D

  • Congratuations and well done! Tried to send congrats last night but the website blew up! You've done brilliantly well! I tried out the speed podcast today and was a bit dismayed to find that the slow speed was faster than my normal shamble. I survived and managed to enjoy it - but only just! ;-) Onwards and upwards! :-)

  • Thanks pingle :)

  • Great work Boss!

    You can gradually work on your distance and as you get stronger you will eventually get quicker. You have to slowly build your running legs over time. Don't rush or you'll get hurt. It's a lovely journey you're about to embark on so have fun 😊

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