Returning to C25k

I graduated the C25k programme in early spring of 2013, but since then have had a number of things vying against me, from asthma and mental health problems to a torn ligament, strained calf muscles and foot surgery. However one thing hasn't changed, my desire to be able to run.

So, over the past month I have been having sessions with a functional performance specialist who was recommended to me by the local branch of Up & Running to help with my repeated calf strains. I think he must sideline in being a wizard, because he seems to have worked some magic.

The last time I ran (about a month ago) it was horrible. I decided to go back and start C25k all over again, but this time bearing in mind everything that Ben has been teaching me. I went out this morning before it got too hot and it was fab!

For the first time I managed to find a good balance between cadence and stride length which meant that my pace on the run intervals averaged 9:50 min/mile. I've never managed to sustain that pace and repeat it on each interval before.

I'm pretty damn pleased and I'm glad to be back :-)


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  • Welcome back to the program. This is my second time around...first time using the podcasts (I'm in the USA). I stumbled on the NHS site through my boyfriend who lives in the UK. I'm in week 7 and haved used this time around to concentrate on my breathing. Your podcasts and Laura provide real coaching. In fact, I've deleted all of the other C25k apps off of my iPod. I have COPD and PTSD and running had helped me with both. Sounds like you are doing good. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Thanks Ginbin :-)

  • Ginbin, thank you for sharing your story. It's amazing how running can bring people together. We all get something unique and personal out of it. It's wonderful to hear about successes like yours and earl-grey-Sian.

  • Welcome back. That's really interesting about the specialist you saw. Could you tell a bit more about what he's taught you? Is it like working with a physio? It sounds like a wonderful magic he's worked :-) The main thing is you are back running again like you want to :-)

  • Hi Tanyag, Ben is a personal trainer but specialises in the causes of injury. I was getting repeated calf strains, in both legs. He thought it was caused by a lack of flexibility in my ankles and an excess of flexibility in my hips but without the strength to control the movement. So we've been working on loosening up my ankles, strengthening my glutes, quads and core, and rotation at the lumber spine. Made so much difference. My stride has lengthened, my legs feel stronger and the movement more controlled. I'm feeling positive. My biggest problem is asthma!

  • Wow, welcome back, it sounds like you have been on quite a journey. Many people would have given up on running with all those challenges, so good on you for sticking with it and working so hard to return to running. Keep us informed as to how things are going.

  • Thanks Amber :-)

  • Great to see you back Sian, and even better to read you're doing well. :-)

  • Thanks Notbad, it's good to be back :-)

  • Welcome back - that's some pace!!

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