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Graduation (re)run - I did it!!!! :-)

After being beaten by the gremlins (and a bit of over confidence I think!!) earlier this week - I have just successfully been out on my graduation run!!!

I DID IT!!!!

Two & a half months ago I started this programme & never thought I would get near continuously running for anywhere near 10 mins!!!

But today I managed 4.5k in just over 31 mins.

Not sure where I am gonna find another 0.5k in a minute or so less - but that gives me my next target.

For me, a lot of this was changing my mental thoughts about me running, a lifetimes belief (that I can't run!!) seems to have been changed, the gremlins are still there, but I can push them away (most of the time!)

Many thanks to a lots of my "new friends" for their blogs on here - not just for your advice, but on days where I have not felt like running your blogs have inspired me; odd comments, your enthusiasm, your determination and or your belief helped get me out there.

Good Luck to those still progressing - keep at it. you'll get there.

So there I am - the end of the beginning!!!!

I still wouldn't go as far as saying I enjoy running, but I enjoy the feeling that I've done it when I have finished!!!!!

Ps - one worrying concern for a Northern lad (that I will only share with you!!!!) is that I am quite enjoying wearing tights - what's all that about???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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Welcome to Graduate-land spud!!!!! :-) It truly is amazing what we can achieve when we have the right mindset. You deserve a huge congratulations for what you have achieved! I bet you're feeling on top of the world! Now, to discuss that tight issue...I say as long as you feel good wearing them, then go for it! If you get some tights with lace, we may need to discuss this further... ;-) Gayle


Funny ........... I'll make sure I confer with you if I ever feel the urge for lace!!! :-)

Many thanks for the congrats Gayle - I ain't stopped smiling yet!!


Tights on a runner are a sign of a healthy[getting healthy], active, person doing a positive thing. One less thing to worry about.


Phew!!! relieved to hear that - I'll stop worrying now :-)


Congratulations and well done, Spud!! Great comeback after that bit of a reality check on your prior run!!

I wish that I could speak to the tights issue. I have gathered the nerve to purchase a pair, but not to actually wear them yet!! Oh yes, for the record...NO lace on mine, either!! :-)

Again, congratulations on your remarkable achievement!! Now, get ready to shine that badge and wear it proudly!! You have most certainly earned it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Big congratulations Spud! It's a great feeling isnt it and welcome to the Graduate Club!! Men sporting tights are very welcome but please leave the heels behind.......!

When I see a man in running tights now I think "there is a real man, running" so be proud and dont stop enjoying them!! Sue x


Woo Hoo! Well done Spud - massive congratulations to you. I'll be joining you tomorrow at the graduation party (all being well!) Keep running.



Good luck for tomorrow :-)


Great to hear about your success, Spud. Now about the tights - I think Couch to 5k could do some sort of 'running men in tights' calendar for charity! I'd buy one! ;)


Yeah - well done Spud - knew you could do it :-)

As for the tights, well wear them with pride - you have certainly earned them, I haven't quite summoned up the courage to invest in a pair yet, still need to shed a bit more weight before I feel confident enough lol.

Look forward to seeing your shiny new badge.


Congratulations Spud! Hope to join you with the graduates tomorrow!


Thanks for the all the congrats and the fashion tips!!!! :-)

fatmumslim & DeliaItaly - enjoy your Graduation runs today - we'll be cheering you on and looking forward to your post run report - you can do it


Fantastic effort, Spud - well done for picking yourself up and getting back out there and doing it! Congratulations :)


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