W9R3 - graduation friday!!

Still beetroot red from my run, my week 9 run 3, let me say that again week9 run3!! I cant believe that I have followed the programme over the last 10 weeks, yes it took 10 rather than 9 as I needed a few extra rest days due to knee pain. I woke up this morning and the gremlins were already ahead of me, you knee hurts, oooh look at that rain you dont want to go out in that, you really didn't sleep well last night your way too tired for this, its windy and the wind will be against you, your not going to get near that 5K so what the point etc etc. I kind of "accidentally" put my running kit of after doing the weekly shop ( a battle in itself) and thought just go. The gremlins were right it was windy and my legs did feel tired and the first 10 mins was awful but slowly I got there, the next 15 were ok but the last 5 were murder but I was not going to stop for that 5 mins and no I did nt get near the 5K running 4K in the 30 mins. Yes 30 mins running when 10 weeks ago I did not know that 0 seconds could be so long. Trust in the programme and trust in your body and it really can be done!! There are a few of us graduating today, well done to all those people and well done to any one who ventured out on a run today no matter what distance of speed you made the effort.


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14 Replies

  • That is brilliant, well done Tombenoly. Let me be the first to welcome you to the graduate's club. Great attitude - it isn't about killing the gremlins it is about ignoring them.

    4K is a great distance/time - you are absolutely right - it is about 30 minutes running which forms part of your 'platform' onto which you can increase speed, improve form, distance etc.

    What are your post graduation plans? More importantly - have you picked a graduation present yet ;-)?

  • Well done you!!!! Awesome feeling isn't it? You stuck to it and made it through. Now go get your graduate badge - you've earned it!

  • Well done! I should be having my second attempt at Week 5 run 3 tonight (doing each of them twice, due to knee issues), so appreciate the encouragement and inspiration! :) Love the idea of 'accidentally' putting your running kit on, too!

  • Another graduate, that's fantastic. Beetroot red is a great colour, very fashionable amongst us runners!

  • Well done you, hopefully will be joining you on Tuesday. Keep it up

  • Congratulations Tombenoly. My graduation distance was 3.7k and I believe many others have experienced the same - the programme gets you to 30 minutes of running, not necessarily 5k. 5k could be your next goal. It took me a month to get to 5k (I think it was in 38 minutes).

    I hope you will keep posting on your postgraduate running adventures. Now off you go to celebrate. Enjoy the buzz!

  • Woo Hoo ! Massive Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    Theres a whole new world out there waiting for you !

    I don't think I did 5k until about 3 weeks after I graduated ,not many of us do tbh.

    Happy Running to you :-) xxx

  • Wahoo! Go you! Very well done. Wish I was graduating today too but that will now be in a week's time. Enjoy that sense of achievement. Really pleased for you.

  • Woohoo congratulations runner 😀

  • Congratulations!!! You did it!! Your new badge looks fab too :)

  • Congratulations - you made it. And a great post too - I was running it with you, as I read!

  • Ah well done, congratulations! 0-4K in 10 weeks sounds like a great enough statistic to me!!

  • Great post and even greater achievement, well done and welcome to the other side!

  • Congratulations graduate! You should be very proud.

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