Graduation run – done!!

What can I say?! W9R3 completed. C25K completed. I HAVE GRADUATED – WOO HOO!!!

It was a struggle this morning against the wind so no speed records broken that’s for sure but it was an exhilarating and fulfilling run knowing it was for my graduation. There were even runners out there acknowledging me as one of them which was great and the first time that has happened so they must have known - I am now officially a runner!!

Here is my journey so far in a nutshell - I started this at the end of August after being inspired by the Olympics and especially Jessica Ennis (think I have a girl crush!!) and wanting to up my fitness levels. I have been on treadmills in the gym before but never ran on them; I have run round my local park before when I have stupidly thought this running lark was simple but couldn’t run for even 5 mins and then the desire would fade after a couple of runs because I wasnt doing it properly. So though I fancied the idea of being a runner I never actually did anything about it – until now…….

So after finding out about this programme I took myself off for a gait analysis to buy some “proper” running shoes before I undertook my first run, bought some running clothes to look the part (who was I fooling but it made me feel good!), planned which 3 days I would be able to run each week, started a running diary to record it all and bought a book on running to get me in the “zone”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Luckily I haven’t had any injuries or pains other than a bit of piriformis but it never stopped me and so I was able to complete the 9 weeks without any major incident. It’s not all been easy though but progressing from that first week of running for just a minute at a time and worrying about how I would manage a 5 minute run to being able to run now for over 30 minutes and to run 5k continuously is an absolutely fantastic feeling which makes me feel very proud and quite emotional!

I am now a runner and have been well and truly bitten by the bug and just want to continue the journey so I can increase my speed and stamina and really get to enjoy every run and all the healthy benefits it brings.

It will be hard during the winter months to keep up 3 runs a week but I am determined to do as best I can and it is determination that got me this far along with the support, of course, of my lovely husband. But its not just been that alone.

It was also down to all you guys on this site with constant words of encouragement, pats on the back, advice, understanding, blogs that made me laugh and yes, some that made me cry too. It is a brilliant “family” to be part of and so inspiring reading about all your adventures, your highs and lows, the pain and injuries, the sheer guts to keep going and the happiness of finishing! I know there are a lot of us graduating this week and recent graduates who I have shared this journey with and it’s been fantastic to do so! Good luck to you all, whatever week you are on or whatever you are doing post graduation!

So, that’s the journey so far. There is still a lot ahead. But now……….. time to go get my badge from John, the champers is on ice and a big bar of chocolate is waiting for me as a reward for later.

I think its time to party!!! Let the celebrations begin!!!

Sue x


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23 Replies

  • Brilliant Sue, well done you!! What an amazing journey you've been on. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend celebrating and I hope our badges turn up soon! ;) Now time to go get that Champers opened and enjoy a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Huge congratulations :)

  • Thanks Fraz! I know, your badge is taking ages isnt it?!

    I cant wait to start running just for the sheer enjoyment of it and without pressures of time or distance, just as you are. Thanks again!

  • Wow, well done Sue - gosh it really is a journey isn't it? I agree with you, the support and sharing really makes it all work and knowing that when the gremlins hit your run you can think of all the posts you've read that spur you on. You must feel amazing. How are you going to organise your running now? For those of us trailing behind you it would be great to hear how a new graduate manages organising their runs. Happy celebrations and enjoy the champers and choccie - mmmmmm :-), Sara xox

  • Thanks so much Sara! I have been thinking of getting a treadmill at home to do two runs a week midweek after work and one at the weekend outside but now I really think I will miss the outdoors so I think I will persevere with the dark and cold and not be a "fair weather runner" as so many seem to enjoy winter running.

    I am going to continue running for a minimum of 30 mins and try and get to that 5k within that time and once comfortable with these runs my next step is to do a parkrun and try and make that a regular feature.

    Good luck with your runs and it wont be long until you graduate too! Sxx

  • Sue, I'll be here running in the snow as can't afford a treadmill at the moment so I'll be out there in the cold and the dark with you. Have you got one of those LED hiking headlamps - I love hiking and it was a security 'present' for my birthday last year and the other day I used it for the first time running along our road in the dark - there's a time and place for everything LOL :-)!

    Thanks sharing your plan - I'm only about to start W7 tomorrow but it feels like it's coming up really quickly and I'm feeling a bit panicked about what to do next. Truth be known, I like a bit of direction so I'm feeling a bit lost at the thought of losing Laura. BUT... yours is a good and doable goal - keep us all posted once you've digested the bubbles and choc :-) xox

  • Snow?! Now thats another thing entirely.....! Make sure you get some grips for your shoes.

    Yes it wont be long for you and I too like structure and direction. There are lots of plans online and in running books for upping your PB or working towards 10k and I am going to look at these in more details over the next few weeks. The BUPA one looks quite good so maybe I will put my own plan together with a bit of each thrown in....Have a great weekend Sara x

  • Fantastic well done on graduating. What a great journey. It is inspiring to read other peoples journeys and know that you are not alone. Keep running and keep inspiring us with your blogs! Enjoy your Champers and chocolate and the rest of your weekend. Well done :-)

  • Thank you rolphie! I will certainly keep blogging and running! Enjoy your weekend too and good luck with your runs too Sx

  • Well done and congratulations!

  • Thanks so much! I know you are just starting the journey but keep coming to this site for inspiration and motivation and just follow the programme cos it really does work! You will be fine and I look forward to reading your graduation blog in what, 8 weeks, now you have completed week 1! Good luck! Sx

  • Huge, huge congratulations Sue, so pleased for you and that we have graduated together. I hope you enjoy your champers and choccie. I will raise a toast to you when I also have a glass of champagne or two tonight :-). I look forward to reading your post graduation blogs. Wishing you a super weekend, Jackie xx

  • Enjoy your champers too Jackie - we so deserve it!!!

    Have a great weekend and keep in touch Sxx

  • Congratulations SBG356, I'm delighted for you! There have been loads of us graduates over the past 3 weeks and I can count myself as someone who was utterly inspired by the olympians. I imagine there are loads who decided to start c25k on the back of the olympics and paralympics who are all graduating around now. It's really lovely.

    What have you planned for your next chapter now? Your enthusiasm and passion for running really comes across in your blog and I wish you every success for future runs :)

  • Thanks so much NewbieRunner! The olympians have got a lot to answer for havent they but what an inspiration, I totally agree!

    I am now just going to try and up my speed so I can run the 5k in 30 mins and also look at joining a parkrun soon so I can make that a regular thing.

    Best wishes to you too from one graduate to another!! Sx

  • Well done Sue on completing your graduation run :-) you deserve your champers and chocolates. Keeps us updated on how post graduation goes :-)

  • Thanks Clare and it wont be long for yours too! Happy running! Sx

  • Congratulations Sue! Out with the champers xox delia

  • Thanks Delia. Going to have it after my dinner - cant wait! Sx

  • Congratulations on completing this first part of your running journey. Enjoy your celebrations and your future running.

  • Fantastic achievement Sue, well done.

  • Fantastic, Sue!!! Congratulations on your graduation!! It is a marvelous feeling and you deserve to savor the bubbly and chocolate, as well as the success!!

    Get that shiny new "Graduate" badge and enjoy it!! You have worked hard and achieved a huge milestone!!

    Congratulations and Keep Running!! :-)

  • CONGRATULATIONS SUE!!!! :-) All of your hard work has paid off and you will soon be sporting that bright, shiny grad badge!! :-) Having a drink here tonight at the Hall household in your honor. CHEERS! :-) Gayle

  • Brilliant Post Sue, really inspiring!- and many congratulations - you definitely deserve to party! Cheers :-) Susan

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