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The end of the beginning

I completed the c25k programme today. Conditions were far from perfect. Last minute work interruptions, a late start and a rumbling stomach, driving rain. I was close to putting the run on hold till tomorrow but decided to grit my teeth and do it.

So the 30 minutes were completed with no stops or interruptions. I also got my best distance yet of 5.42 km. I was really pleased with that. Great to finish on a high. I thought my pace started well but tailed off a bit, so pleased with the final distance.

I expected to maybe be emotional, but when I finished the run I was just wet, tired and hungry! There were no fireworks in the sky or cheering crowds and I returned to my empty office.

What difference has the programme made to me?

Firstly, like so many others, I have surprised myself. I would not have thought myself capable of a 30 minute run. I can remember a few weeks ago having to run for five minutes and literally counting every second until the end. My fitness has very clearly improved and I have more energy and feel less tired at the end of the day usually.

I have also changed my diet, though not radically. I have just cut out or dramatically cut down obvious unhealthy things like biscuits, cakes and crisps. It has been great to see my body change shape. I actually have stomach muscles now (not quite a six pack but a start!) Have not seen that for years. All my old skinny clothes fit me again and my more recent purchases are hanging off me. I have never weighed myself, don't even have scales, but I can see the difference. It has been a small ego boost at at time when, to be honest, I needed it.

The programme is also a mental effort and I see that in all the blogs posted by you guys. It is remarkable to me that I now go out of my way to run in the pouring rain. I used to think people who did stuff like that were crazy. It demonstrates that you can gain a bit of control over your life, can achieve something and make a visible change.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my blogs and helped me out. Every post made a real difference and the community here is brilliant, I hope I can keep contributing. Thanks also to all my friends who have allowed me to bore them with my c25k tales and to my wonderful partner for her encouragement. Running is now something we have in common, looking forward to attempting to keep up with her as she sprints across the hills.

My next challenge of course is to keep up the running, hopefully nearly as regularly as now. I'll check out the other podcasts. I would love to run a 10k sometime over the next few months, maybe by the spring.

It's not the end of the journey of course. It is the start.

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Congratulations! And keep on running!


Beautiful blog mabbers! :-) CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! :-) No cheering you say? I guess you couldn't hear the cheering or see the fireworks going off here in the States in your honor! :-) Amazing time and distance for your grad run, you should be very proud of all you have achieved! :-) Please do continue to post, I love reading your blogs. Best wishes for a successful running future! As you stated, this is only the beginning... Gayle


Well done, mabbers, that's absolutely brilliant. I hope it sinks in and you get your 'yay' moment in the days to come! Keep running. You're a week ahead of me but streets ahead psychologically. This programme really is excellent for strengthening the mind as well as the body. Keep telling folks about it and aim for that 10k!


Fantastic - what an achievement. Your blog is an inspiration to so many of us and as Gayle said please keep blogging.

I hope you don't mind but I'm going to quote you in my next blog.

Good luck in your continued running.



Well done, and you're absolutely right - this is just the end of the beginning! Onwards and upwards!


Lovely blog and many congratulations, enjoy your new future as a runner!


Congratulations, there is much cheering and clapping for you here. It is as you say amazing what we can achieve when we put our mind to it and with the help of everyone on here, although we are all making our individual journeys and runs we feel part of a big family. Well done to you and keep us informed of your progress towards 10K. Keep running :-D


Brilliant Mabbers, you did it - you are a graduate!!! Love the bog too; so inspiring for those of us already there and for newbies too as they start their journey. Keep up the running and the healthy lifestyle. Best of luck as you continue your progress! Sue x


Congratulations, mabbers!! Not only did you complete the program, but you did it at an absolutely brilliant pace!!

You have conquered quite a challenge!! Now, it is time for a bit of a break so that you can rest up and get ready for your next challenge...keeping that wonderful "Graduate" badge shined up!! :-)

Congratulations and Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations! Well done! I hope to join you as a graduate come the end of the week. :) Lots going on, so I might not make it until Monday.


Congratulations - a fantastic achievement, and a great blog. Enjoy your running!


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