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Back To The Beginning


About 4 weeks ago I was one run away from completing the programme when I went down with the cold. I got over that and was about to do my final run but I had a problem which meant I ended up in A and E.

That was a couple of weeks ago and today I visited my Doctor who has given me the all clear to resume my activity.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go out for a run. I have also decided to start again at week 1 run 1.

Wish me well. At lest I am 19llbs lighter than when I started last time!

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Sorry you’re had some set backs. I wish you luck, and look forward to seeing your posts......take it slowly 😁


Oh goodness you have had a bit of a time. Glad you e the ok to restart. Well done on the weight loss. You'll soon be through the plan you know what to expect this time. Have fun


I don’t think you need to go back to week 1. Maybe try week 4 or even 5? Best of luck whatever you choose! You’ve got this💪🏽

Oh dear what a shame but so good you are able to be back out running

Good luck and have fun


Great you're feeling better. You may not have to go back to wk1. Why not try a wk5 run and see how you go .

It's totally up to you. Good luck 😊


Best of luck x


Good luck! Remember to enjoy the journey as much as the end result. That feeling of improving week on week is priceless and so rare.


Well done for such a positive approach which I'm sure will see you through and fingers crossed, no more set backs this time. Enjoy


Well done for coming back to it! I recently redid the program after 4 months off. I started at W1R1 to see how it went, but I didn't do the entire 27 runs; after each run I thought about how it had gone, how I felt, and then made a decision at that point about which run to tackle next. Some weeks I only did one of the runs, some weeks two of the runs. See how you feel and go with your instinct. Most of all, enjoy!

Hi Nightingale1, I missed your comeback, sorry to hear you were taken ill.

It's great to hear you are clear to run again and I wish you luck getting to the podium again.

Nice and steady and enjoy! 😊xx


I did similar to Linda9389 and it worked really well. I started with a Week 1 run and that felt fine so moved onto Week 2 and so on. The week 4 run felt great so I jumped straight to Week 5 Run 3 (20 minutes) and just kept adding minutes until I was back at Week 9. If any of the runs had felt like a strain, I would have repeated them. I definitely felt like I'd lost some stamina but it came back surprisingly quickly. Good luck with it all second time round, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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