End of the beginning :)

Completed my second run of week 9, so my last one will be Monday. It's amazing how this program makes you progress, i enjoyed the challenge, sometimes wishing days away so I could do my next run. Having achieved the 5k, the question is now what next? Signed up ready for my local-ish parkrun, hopefully next week...depending on getting out of bed in time...not a morning person :)

I think I need structure, this plan gave me goals...not sure what to do next...any suggestions?

To all of you starting out, well done! keep to the plan you won't regret it.

Happy running :)



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6 Replies

  • Well done! Graduation next :D I think I took a couple of weeks of just running without Laura and no particular plan as I couldn't quite decide what to do but you can feel a little lost without the structure as you say. There are the speed and stamina podcasts or you can pick from a range of programs to increase your distance to 10k. Or you can just do your own thing. I ended up going for the longer distance but with that it was a case of one long run per week increasing by no more than 10%. Decisions, decisions! :D Whatever you decide I'm sure you will love it :D

    Enjoy your graduation day :D

  • Cheers hilbean...I think I'll just relax and enjoy the fact I can run for now :) with 10k as future target.

  • That could have been written by me Nick, agree 100% I am one ahead as I graduated on Tuesday, an amazing feeling. I always had running down as boring, chase after a cricket, tennis or foot ball yes, but running no. Like you I find myself addicted to it and found the days of no run boring but looked forward to the next day.

    So much so, that the first thing I did after graduation was to do that run again the next day. I bought a graduation t shirt ages ago and will wear it today. I am starting the couch to 10k today advised by a member of this group, I will start at week ten. Other grouo members did remind me that days rests are essential, boo hoo.

    My wife is near her 50th park run, but I aim my first for June. I reckon my 5K speed is only about 40 plus minutes, that would make me last on the park run, she does it in 31 mins and comes about third of the way down. It is a good challenge, I see them every week on our seafront and can wait to be one of them.

    Good luck on last run, don't get too emotional like I did 😀

  • Hi congrats for graduating, good luck with the 10k target...not really sure how I started this but stumbled across c25k. Always looked at runners and thought fair play but why? Also how? as after a short jog I'd be out of breath...so not for me...wrong :) Seafront parkrun sounds awesome!


  • If you think you need the structure then, after a few weeks, look at entering a 10k (or further) race and following a training plan (the myasics one are very popular).

  • Thanks dunder...10k maybe...further :)

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