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Done it


Wk 9 R3 done this morning - ouf! V slow as i was still tired from an exhausting weeked, but i stuck to the keeping-going-is-more-important-than-speed mantra and got through to, my great relief. Now i just need to set my self some more targets so as to keep going. Think i'll try to do 5k irrespective of how long it takes next (i've been doing abt 4.24 km in the 30 mins, so it'll take a while)

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Congratulations, cejk!! What a marvelous accomplishment!! The 5K goal is a fantastic idea, also!!

Now, take a couple of days to rest and enjoy shining that new "Graduate" badge!! You have most certainly earned it!! :-)

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



Well done, congratulations on graduating :)


Well done you. It doesn't matter about the distance at the moment you have completed the programme and can run for 30 mins. So great and congratulations. i'm only 2 days ahead of you and still feeling so pleased. I'm only doing about the same distance as you so yes my target is to do the full 5k. We'll get there. Again well done you. Go celebrate.


Congratulations on your fabulous achievement! You should be very very proud :-)

I was taking about 42 mins to do 5k but have whittled it down over the months (33 mins at last Saturday parkrun) but all I care is that I love it and am still seeing amazing progress!

Good luck on all future runs. If you can do parkrun and/or join a club at any point I reckon you will not regret it!


Aren't you brilliant? What an achievement.


Congratulations - it's a fantastic achievement and you definitely made the right decision. 5k is very achieveable and you will get there :)


Well done you, and welcome to the club. My next goal is 5k as I'm a bit off that at the moment. I tried the stepping stone podcast last night and I'm a bit off the pace of that too so I think I'm going to go back to some of the earlier podcasts and just run them at a faster pace and see how I get on.

Enjoy the moment and feel really proud of yourself :-)


Thanks so much everyone for your supportive messages - as for so many others, this blog as really helped me get through. it's especially reassuring to find others who are doing similar times, and good to hear comments abt the other podcasts

Deryn, thanks for the suggestion of parkrun/club. It does sound a good idea and i'm a sociable sort so would be easier to keep up in company. only thing is i live right out in the country so will have to travel to find one. But will try.

Silly question: what does one do to get the 'graduate' box after your name?

in reply to cejk

Apparently you need to send a message to JR21 but I think he must have a backlog as I have been waiting for over a week and I have noticed on the blogs that there are an awful lot of people graduating at the moment.


thanks! message sent, fingers crossed

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