That's it. I've done it!

Last run if the programme this morning. Tried to get the conditions as 'right' as possible, but to be honest it was a wee bit of a slog. My legs felt very heavy. However...I did it and was fine at the end.

I am so chuffed. I am an almost 56 year old grannie who has hated the thought of running all of my life. I have always walked loads and probably average 4 or 5 miles every day. But running? No way!

Then my grandson was born and my mum died a fortnight later. The shock of that made me think about mortality and my own mortality. I am pretty healthy but want to be as healthy as possible as I get older. My lovely daughter had started running again and said why not try it too. I did my usual," I can't run" I would hate it etc etc. she said' how do you know if you don't try.?'

Made me think. She then told me about the c25k prog and came out with me on my first two runs. She then went to live in New York! However she has been such a support snd I can't wait to tell her I've done the distance.

So here I am, 9 weeks on, fitter but also unexpectedly I feel more confident and much more open to trying new things. I am going to have a go at kayaking next. I am really lucky in that I am going to be reducing my working week and looking after my grandson 1 day a week so should have plenty time for fun and games with him.

I am also going to keep on running. At first I will stick to the 30 minutes, trying to get more comfy but in a few weeks I am going to try the park run route myself then once I know I can run it, join up for a park run. Think having a goal will help me keep motivated.

It's community has been great, You have all been so supportive, kind, friendly and helpful. Looking forward to hearing how the rest of you on week nine get on and now going to get my badge. Woo hoo!

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  • Congratulations :-)

  • Thank you.

  • Absolutely amazing, well done lizziebeth x

  • Thanks!

  • A great post, and a great achievement, lizziebeth57. Congratulations. It is a good idea to have some post grad ambitions and targets, otherwise it can seem a bit limbo like at first. Kayaking.....try hanggliding, base jumping, snowboarding or...........well, yes, I am a year older than you and I am now cautious about injury as I would hate to stop running. So small steps maybe, but the confidence that running gives is a great bonus.

    Enjoy your running

  • Thanks so much. You have been so generous and funny with your posts. Much appreciated.

  • What a wonderful motivational tale for everyone starting out on this journey (that includes me as of today!). Well done you!

  • Thanks for that Jenwrenarm. Hope you get out for that run tonight, you will feel so chuffed with yourself once you do.

  • Well done lizziebeth! I'm a similar age - and I started because I've had stress and depression problems - weaned myself off the happy pills and started to go downhill. I've always known that I get 'down' if I don't do exercise so started the programme for those delightful endorphins. I have found some weeks tough (esp Wk 6 - just completed)... also being averse to running for many years but loving walking... but hugely motivated by the programme and ridiculously stubborn about following the instructions. And when I've done it, I feel so much more 'alive' for the day.

    I'm so grateful to this community of support.

    So well done you, fantastic achievement, and keep it up. I'm sure the park runs will be fun and motivating. I'm *thinking* of enrolling for our local charity 10k run in December. Only thinking at this stage!

  • That's an inspiring story right there newlifelil, I hope that all goes well for you and I totally get that feeling of being 'alive' that stays around afterwards. Keep us posted.

  • Well done and thanks for the post. It is the big life events and the changes that come along that make you realise that you are not here forever and some of the things you are worrying about are not really important.

    Keep posting and keep us up to date on the kayaking! I'm not very good at anything 'water' except paddling.I love ITs suggestions of other challenges!

    Congratulations and hope you have a lovely day. (I think I have emailed for my badge but who knows... I have ordered the T-shirt!)

  • Thanks Deb. I fully intend to enjoy this moment... And bask in the glow of my success.

  • OOOOOOH! I have the badge! Woohoo!

  • Lovely badge, well done!

  • Mine's not arrived yet. I emailed but guess I may have to wait a wee while. Yours looks fabulous! Deserves a woo hoo!

  • You have your badge! We look like established runners now.

  • Well done Deb. The graduate badge looks so good!

  • Congratulations.

    Like you I was pleasantly surprised to find I could do it, and enjoy it.

  • Thanks Nerdio. it's great to face a challenge and find you actually enjoy it . Long may that continue.

  • Well done LizzieBeth! I love that this program is so doable for all ages & fitness levels! Order your badge, enjoy your next adventures with the smiles that personal achievements & grandchildren give you! Look forward to reading your next posts :-)

  • That's lovely, thanks. Hope to be posting again soon.

  • What a fabulous post! So pleased you've got there, and now it's onwards and upwards to whatever else running will bring!

    Two more runs for me!

  • I already replied to your post... Then it disappeared. Anyhow, keep us posted on your next run so we can keep cheering you on!

  • Your post put a smile on my face. Well done you. A fantastic achievement. I look forward to joining you tomorrow evening!

  • Thanks Susan, seems to have come really quickly. Enjoy your run tomorrow and let us join in your celebrations!

  • Well done and think of all that energy you will have for fun days with your grandson. Love it

  • Me too, thanks!

  • Congratulations on your graduation and your story - fantastic! And my, doesn't that badge look lovely :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph and yep, my badge looks great!

  • Congratulations!!!! I am just a couple days behind you!!! (And even a few years older :/ Haha)

  • Thanks Maitko, I think us more mature folk are doing really well. Ain't no stopping us now!

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