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Graduation run failure!!!! Too confident??!!!

Went out on my supposed Graduation run yesterday - and was (perhaps over) confident I'd do it.

The run felt a struggle though from the start, I couldn't get my breathing right and my legs felt heavy - both of which woke up my gremlins!!!

After almost (but not!!!) stopping a couple of times, I sadly succumbed after about 25 mins and finished my 30 mins with a combination of runs & walks!!

On checking MapMyRun on my return home, I found out that even with the walks at the end, I had completed the same distance 4.35km (slightly more!!) in the 30 mins, than I had in my previous all running 30 mins!!

I think the giddyness of potentially completing the programme caused me to up my pace with I am clearly not yet ready for!!!

Disappointed - but a lesson learned - more "plodding" required!!

Planning on trying again Thursday.

Congratulations to all who have graduated over the weekend - I'll hopefully join you soon!!

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Have a rest, and do it again. Good luck! You will do it.


I agree with Delores! You know what went wrong, so take a day to rest and try again at a better pace for you!! This wasn't a failure, it was a reality check. Learn from it and then forget about it and move on!! There is a shiny "Graduate" badge waiting for you!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



I'm sure you will, spud. Sometimes the gremlins sneak up on us. Have a rest and go for it. I'll be looking for your graduation blog. I'm waiting for my badge so maybe we'll get them together.


No run is a failure! All sorts of factors feed into making one run a toughie, but the only failure is deciding not to go out and run!

You will get there in style very very soon. Well done!


Hi Spud,

I wondered where you were the past couple of days! I can definitely sympathise as I think the same thing almost happened to me on my grad run on Sunday. I call it the run 3 Gremlin as it hit on week8 run3 as well. I think I upped the pace too much and very nearly had to stop at 25 minutes. In contrast my first half hour Stepping Stones run today was still 30 minutes but much shorter - I haven't bothered to map it but it could easily be 500m or so less. It was also much easier and less wearing!

I am sure that with a couple of days' rest you'll do it - of course you will - you've done 30 mins twice already! Otherwise if you feel like a change try the Stepping Stones - as I say still 30 mins (so you'll graduate) but for me at least the controlled pace made it easier.

I'll be looking out for you grad blog in the next few days - good luck and go for it!


Thanks for the advice and support - the gremlins won't win next time!!

Perhaps I just like Laura & didn't want to ditch her just yet!!!! :-)


Don't worry about it, Spud. You will get there. Sometimes you set off and things aren't quite right - whether that's being tired or having heavy legs or whatever. You'll do it - best of luck for next time.


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