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First run following graduation

Well today was first run following graduation.

I have mixed feelings about it really. I was unsure what to do next and thought i would try the Running for weight loss app. But it was run/walks. It reminded me of how far i've come and how much i prefer longer periods of running as i found it hard to get back into running during the running sections. But during the running sections my pace was quicker than it was during the c25k program.

So i think i will mix it up during the week with some longer 30 min runs, i want to reach the goal of running 5k, not necessarily in the 30 mins but would like to reach that goal.

What have others done once you've graduated?

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Long reply ahead - sorry!

I had the exact same problem of not loving the first couple of standard 30 minute runs after graduation. I liked during the programme the fact that I had something to aim for and some progress to make each week and I really need a structure to keep me motivated otherwise I know I'll lose interest. I don't like the idea of going back to running/walking intervals and my cadence is already too high for the C25K+ podcasts. After much reading, researching and consideration, I've decided on a bit of a pattern (I think) which is steady enough that I shouldn't get in trouble with the more experienced runners here for going too crazy straight after graduating! ;)

3 runs a week - I've named them 'easy', 'speed' and 'distance'

Easy - just as it says. A 30 minute run without worrying about speed or distance.

Speed - One run a week is going to be a shorter run (in time and distance) where I do five minute normal jog, 10 sets of intervals and five minute normal jog (plus normal warm up and warm down walk). I've decided on REALLY short intervals - 15 seconds at an increased pace (not hell for leather, just mindful of stepping up a gear which contrasts to how I was during the programme of being mindful to go slow) and 60 seconds of normal snail pace. The first time I did this run it was hard as I normally make sure I run slowly so it felt like I was really working for the first time since the first couple of weeks of the programme which I liked. It's only a 22 minute and a half run overall and the first time I did this my average speed and pace was only slightly up from my easy run, but that's what I was wanting, just gradually heading in the upwards direction.

Distance - today I did my first distance run. Again, no big increases. I decided, depending on how I felt during the run to either stop at 4km (my 30 min runs have covered about 3.6km) or 33 mins, whichever came first. I happened to hit 4km at 32.38 so about right.

There you have it! Probably far too structured for some, but as I say, I REALLY need something to aim for each run. I'm also willing to mix up the runs so that if I feel like doing 3 easy runs in a week I will, I just wanted other options to stop me from getting bored. I'm going to revisit all of these timings/distances in about 4 weeks and what I'm hoping is that my easy 30 min run will gradually get closer to 5k in that time without me thinking about it or trying to do anything different :)


Wow thanks Melly. Sounds like a really good plan, certainly gives me plenty to think about. I too need a structure and something to aim for, it keeps me focused. X

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I aimed for 5k then extended to 10 etc... It's always good to have a realistic goal in mind. The 5k in 30 minutes is a tricky one for most people. It took me a while after graduating but that will naturally come as you improve. Good luck and keep at it :)


Thanks Juju

I've decided that my first goal will be to run 5k; regardless of time, until I can comfortably run 5k. I'm going to build up the distance gradually until I achieve this (I've read to increase by 10%; I presume that's each week?)

I'm quite a way off at the moment; doing 3.5k.

Now I know I can run for 30 minutes I definitely want to continue 😁


I have done 2 runs since graduation. The first I just stuck with the app. This more I used the podcasts with Laura, I've seen so many people refer to them I had to try it out.

My immediate aim is to get to 5k. Sunday I thought I had done it but realised after the fact that GPS had gone a bit off track and had be running through back gardens. This morning was close 4.85km! I'll be happy if I get there by the end of the month.


Thankyou. I've decided my first goal is to achieve running 5k; regardless of how slowly I run and how long it takes me X


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