Over confident - week 7, run 2?

Run 1 of 25 minutes and I did 30 instead, run 2 of 20 minutes, didn't want to stop and thought I would run on and covered 5.2 km in 45 minutes. Felt a bit achy but rested well all day and will do the same tomorrow. I don't want to stray from the programme but felt I could do more than 25 minutes.

Should I go back to the week 7 - 25 mins, week 8 - 28 mins, week 9 - 30 mins? Or I could just carry on with 2 x 30 mins and a 5K once a week (parkrun for example to graduate?)


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  • Can't really advise you as only on week 5 myself but sounds like you are doing great so just wanted to say very well done! 😊

  • Thank u, keep following the programme, it is amazing πŸ˜€

  • Well if you've hit the 5k mark your a graduate albit a very fast superdoper one, so i would just go with the flow, pick a target and aim for it. Congrats by the way! i graduated last week on friday, so this week i have done a 5k on mon and today and again on fri. Im now aiming to reduce my time and am hoping to do a 10k in march or April. I like to have a goal to achive

  • Fantastic that u r thinking about a 10K. I would like to think about going from doing 5K well to 10K. I am enjoying the idea of running on tracks and trails (not that I could run a mountain pass) but not so keen on racing and beating others as I am doing it for my own enjoyment. Going to go along to parkrun soon because I think it will be fun. Julie

  • I did my first park run on week 6, I was ready by then, sounds like you are too. Well done

  • Congrats and hope you're feeling top of the world! πŸ˜€

  • Thanks everyone, I am feeling happy but a little creaky!!

  • If you're creaky, do the wise thing? It doesn't cost much; just one day. And the day off might still be a nice one for swimming?

  • The programme is a rough guide, so if you've suddenly made a breakthrough (and you keep your common sense handy for things like injuries/ excessive tiredness, etc) then I think you might as well just treat the times of the week you're officially on as "permissive instead of prescriptive" (you allow yourself to have a 25 minute run without calling it a "failure" if this happens, instead of making yourself go 25 minutes).

    Maybe give yourself extra "body-building time"? If you delay the coming run 3 by just one day, you're going to take out some nice insurance against injury by having that extra healing time. This would be a harder discipline to practice than sticking to the course (and hurrying to that graduation you don't need to hurry to) but it would possibly be worth it. (You could go figure skating on the "off day", maybe).

  • Thank you for that. I think I will stick to the programme, I know I can run 5K but no need to rush. Day 3, I will do a slow and steady 25 mins. Bother for week 8 will try a 5K on day 1 (having had 2 rest days) and a further 2 x 30 mins and repeat for my final week, week 9. I feel as I am a little older (51) take on board your suggestion about the importance of recovery, thanks. Julie

  • That's certainly the safest way forward. And you at least can now just relax and enjoy the road to graduation, knowing that all the goals are already in reach, and you're just teaching body and mind to get used to this.

    Isn't it great to have reached a point where a slow and steady 25 minutes (wait! what??) counts as a kind of a rest break?

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