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Life after graduation- fairy steps and big strides

So I graduated about two weeks ago - doing 3.4km in 30 mins. Have kept the three times a week routine but changed my rundouble app to distance- as opposed to time - to keep me out a little longer every time and have progressed up to 4km.

Had some truly awful runs where have walked more than I run,including Sunday morning when got severe stomach cramps at 2km out and then had to walk all the way home :-( However the positive that came out of that was I kept the app on - and realised that my jogging pace is not that much faster than my "brisk walk" - there is a positive bare with me!

I realised that when I walk briskly I really stride - I am only 5'7" but can really stretch- however when I run I seem to take little bl**dy fairy steps - really quite annoying as they take much more effort!!

Anyway the positive is I was awake before the alarm this morning (5.56am!!) and raring to go to try to alter my stride.

Not sure I achieved very much but it did give me something else to think about other than Bryan Adams song lyrics - and I did 4.14km in 38 minutes with only a small walk (damn that hill!) in the middle.

Any thoughts/tips on how to increase stride length gratefully received!

Happy Running all

S xxx

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I always think that my stride length is too short, and I laugh at you saying that you are only 5' 7" because when I was younger women of that height were considered tall. However, I ran with the stamina podcast this morning, and Laura said to make sure that my feet fell under my body, ie small strides. No problems there then!


Thanks for this Delores - I have just downloaded the three C25K+ podcasts - I originally thought you had to be doing 5km to try these - but it appears not :-)

looking forward to getting out there again! Many thanks your thoughts.


I am not doing 5K in 30 but I have tried the stepping stones.


I laughed as well! I'm pushing it to say I'm 5'2". ;-) Between knee niggles and leg length, I take fairy steps! :-) If you have the opportunity to enter a run, this would be my suggestion. I was running no where near a 30 min. 5K at grad time (still not) but I did find out I can continue on well past my 30 min. The 3- 5K's I've ran all are within 37-40 minutes. Wishing you continued running success!!! :-) Gayle


Aah thanks Gayle - I am trying to get myself mentally ready for a park run - have two friends who want me to go with them - but they both do 5k in under 30mins and cant bare the embarrassment! Have promised them by Christmas :-) as hope by then to at least be able to run 5k -even if it takes me longer to do it!! Happy running to you too- and keep blogging - always love to hear hat you are doing, :-) Susan xxx


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