Fairy feet...and a lurking dinosaur

I had my second run of the week on Thursday, as the weather was set fair. I was a tad dubious, about setting out, as had woken in the early hours with a scritchty throat.. and an annoying little cough...hmmm.

But, the sun was shining and as we all know, we have to, in the UK take advantage of such rare treats!

So, togged up against the early morning chill I set out. Just a short, quick run..that should let me know whether I was fit or not...and as I have been very good at weaning myself off Laura, for the last few runs..I thought, for a treat, I would take her and Speed out with me.

My last runs have been on the fields and tracks, so for this fast little foray, I thought I would stick to the pathway.

So out to the decide point, a brisk warm up walk, chillier than I thought, but a duck egg sky and huge woolly sheep clouds, so, a good day to run.

Up to the roundabout and I started to jog. I noticed straight away that my running step has become lighter, and it was really noticeable. I really felt as if my feet were hardly touching the ground.

Continued at the initial pace, up the hill with few problems. Breathing a little heavy and throat a little uncomfortable, but not an issue for concern. During the intervals, the increase in pace was welcome; now, whether it is because I have been on the fields/bridle path with the mud, frost and the tyre troughs etc, underfoot, and have had to try harder during those runs, I don't know, but it did seem easier than it has ever done. I felt so good, that I continued up the hill further than I have ever done; yes me, choosing to go up a hill, miracles will never cease. Quick light steps, and I have to admit, I was enjoying Laura's company this morning. Just loud enough to hear her voice, but not so loud as to drown out the sounds of nature.

As I got further up the hill, it was a little harder going and my throat did feel a bit tight, I was passed by a few of the Infant school children coming from the houses further up the hill, as they headed down to the school, plus Mums and smaller offspring in pushchairs. The older ones running ahead; and goodness, they can run; really quickly, interspersing the run with skips, jumps and all accompanied by loud giggles or chattering. At this point I really did feel my age!

I reached the top of the hill as I came to the end of the intervals...time for the walk down walk.. but I decided... to flick back to the beginning of the podcast, ( minus the walk) and do the whole thing again..in reverse! Loopy or what ? Great view...I only normally see this from the car... I could see right across to the Derbyshire peaks, grey misted in the distance.

Now this was fun.. downhill is soooo good, and there was a lot of it to go at. Taking time to look around me too at the budding trees and shrubs, all still seeming to be on hold, ( they know there is worse to come), and then, across in one of the gardens I don't usually pass.., a tree covered in white blossom...Lots of birds about too, busily feathering in and out of the hedgerows, courting or nest building.

I like the faster pace in the intervals, and when I get into the rhythm find it very easy to maintain the faster speed when it changes. I am going to try to work on that when I do my solo runs without any input. Continued down, passing a lady runner going up the hill, on the other side of the road. Never seen her before and she was taking her time... maybe a Couch to 5K-er...it is steeper than it looks, we smiled and waved at each other.

Down past the silver birch, still tattered lace branches, no leaves showing, the golf course green and pristine and the green keeper doing his rounds. i was getting tired, as this is probably one of the longest runs I have ever done...willingly! The podcast finished, for the second time at the roundabout. I carried on running though, just slowly and gently and started to walk just before I reached the turn for home. A good run.. about 50 minutes not counting warm up and walk down.. not sure how far.. forgot my Garmin.. but a good run, and enjoyable.

However; I should have run again this morning, but... after two horrid nights, sleep broken by coughing and a really, really sore throat, ( think hot sandpaper), I decided, having berated fellow runners on the site for heading out when below-par..to forego my run.

I feel fairly grotty at the mo' and the thought that the nasty Bronchitasaurus might have found me again, fills me with absolute dread! I have to admit to a small self pitying little sniffle this morning. I will try to get out there tomorrow, if the weather, protective husband and my dinosaur permit it!

Watch this space...:)


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15 Replies

  • Aawww, get well soon Oldfloss - I need my dose of English countryside regularly!

    Really hope you're feeling better very soon 💐😰

  • Thanks you x

  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well but that run sounds absolutely gorgeous. It is so wonderful when everything clicks into place like that. It's a great realisation when you recognise that you can run better than before and serves as a good reminder as to how far you (we) have come. Get well soon xx

  • Yes indeed... I think suddenly, it does come naturally, and you are right.. it is a long way we have travelled...

    Heading to Chirk next week in our tin tent, so I want to feel better, for a bit of Welsh running!

    Thanks for the sympathy too x

  • Ooh how lovely. Hope you get some good weather while you're over this way :)

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now xx

  • I hope so too... looking forward to some changes in scenery!

    Feeling a bit better... just peeved I have been hit by this dreaded lurgy again! Hopefully just a blip!

    Read your Anglesey HM report... wonderful!!!

  • Yuk Floss, sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery and a stern growl to that dinosaur of yours... Hope he retreats in fear. ;)

    That sounds like a perfect run, loved the woolly sheep clouds and think you're brave (and a tad mad) with that hill - all power to you, you certainly know how to set yourself new challenges and achieve them. Congratulations on your longest run, 50 mins is fabulous :)

    Keep resting up now til you're back on feisty, fine Floss form x

  • Blessed creature.. thought I was well clear of it!!! Grrr indeed!

    Thanks for the sympathy... I am staying warm.. using my face inhaler with menthol, ( which after watching a TV programme last night is almost antique..that makes me feel old)..and packing up our tin tent to head to Chirk, where I hope to do some running too!

    Hope your run goes really well today.

    Cannot wait for your winning post!!! ( see what I did there) :)

  • Rest up well, hope you feel better soon Oldfloss☺.

  • Thanks... yep gonna rest up and stay warm until I feel better...heading off in our tin tent tomorrow, so hoping to be running around Lady Margaret's Park in Chirk next week!

  • As always another wonderful post Floss.

    Do take care of yourself though & keep yourself safe & cosy until those bugs.....well..... bugger off!

    Sending big "there there there" hugs x

  • Thanks you....hug came in through the window :)

    It is a b***** too, particularly as it is a lovely morning, with the first soft flakes on snow just drifting down and I do not feel like running :(

    Never mind... onwards and upwards..tomorrow is another day.

    Enjoy your run for mex

  • Fairy feet indeed floss! You ran for 50 minutes! That's brilliant, go you! Sorry you're not feeling 100% but you have a stronger immune system because of the running so I'm sure it won't be too long before you're out there again. Take care of yourself. x

  • Thanks you x

    Yes.. I am sure I will be feeling better in a couple of days.. sun is shining today, I had a better night's sleep... always good!

    We are heading off to Chirk in our tin tent next week so hoping for some lovely runs there..hoping to run around the beautiful open park surrounding Chirk Castle.. not sure if it is allowed in NT properties??

    You take care of yourself too! :)

  • I hope you feel better today floss. Enjoy your break and I look forward to the race report and photo of Chirk. x

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